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Group Name: UK and Europe
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Profile: Are you just waking up as other Peertrainers are going to sleep! Come join this team and get to know people in your timezone.

Last posted: Tuesday, May 25, 2010, 12:15 AM

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In my 30s, 5'5" and weigh over 190 lbs. I gained 50 lbs. while pregnant and more than a year later I still have 30 lbs. of it to lose before getting back to my pre-pregnancy weight. Live with my English husband in Worcester, UK after moving here together from Germany (where we met while working), although I'm originally from California (confused yet?!). I spend most of my time at home as a stay-at-home mom/part-time freelance translator. Moving abroad was a big life change for me, and I'm still adjusting.
I've never been thin, and I love food so much that it's difficult for me to resist my cravings. However, with peer support it has been much easier for me to adjust to healthier eating habits. I've been on PT since 2005 and have found it to be an excellent tool for weight loss/control when used properly (daily logging + regular interaction with peers).

Im a student at Birmingham University in England in my second year studying English and History of Art. I love everthing to do with art and literature and am also a trave enthusiast. Im 19 years old and have always been unhappy with my weight since I became aware of it. Although I am not very overweight I am slightly bigger than average and recently have gone up to a size 12 from a size 10 (Us sizes 6 and 4) and am even unhappier! Unfortunately alcohol is my downfall and although I am trying to cut down on it I will never be able to cut it out! I am wary of losing too much weight as I struggled with food problems in my younger teens but I am staying positive now and need all the support I can get!

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