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Group Name: Geeks1
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Location: Anywhere 07675


Profile: A group for all geeks who want to lose some weight, find a healthier lifestyle or even something else!

Last posted: Tuesday, May 25, 2010, 1:57 AM

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I'm a recent music education college graduate with some free time on my hands. I decided to start working out and fixing the things I didn't like since I've got some free time while job hunting. I love music, hockey, skiing, gaming, anime, art, and of course, my wonderful husband and friends. Want to know more? just ask :D

I'm in my late 20's, single, no kids, and recently made a cross-country move from the mid-west. I have a pretty stressful job that keeps me busy 40+ hours a week, and an extremely energetic and needy puppy that wants all my attention. I have a lot of geeky interests like: web design, video games, podcasting, and a million other things that keep me plugged in all the time. I'm also into a lot of artsy things like photography and writing. And I pretty much have no time to pursue any of them.

middle aged geek that needs to lose weight while working a sedentary office job

I'm a college student, yay me. I attend Emerson College in Boston Mass and am an Animation Major and Screenwriting Minor

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