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Group Name: SW Florida's Biggest Losers
Members: 4
Location: Port Charlotte, FL 33948


Profile: This is a weight loss support group for people in the Tampa Bay area. We meet online, can meet in person if you want. If you want to be anonymous online that is great too. We journal our food and exercise and thoughts each day, support each other. Sort of like a Weight Watchers meeting, but online, free and everyday! This is free, please sign in and introduce yourself.

Last posted: Tuesday, September 26, 2006, 3:40 AM

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I am 24 getting ready to be 25 this weekend I am over weight and I need HELP. I need someone to help me. I am going to my doctor to see what I can do. I guess that exercising is not enough so I am gong to see if she can put me on a diet that I can follow! I am very depressed and I need a friend right now that I can relate too. I am going to be getting married to the man that I have been with for 4 yearsnow I don't sonlt want to popunush him the way that I feel I am.

I am 35 yo, a business owner and gained 45 lbs when I got pregnant, I still have some 35 lbs out of those and my baby is turning 2 yo in the next couple of months.

I am a mother of one to my almost two year old daughter.I have polycystic ovarian syndrome which makes it hard to lose weight but i am ready to stop hiding behind excuses and think its time to step up so i can play with my daughter!

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