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Group Name: DC Area Meetup
Members: 4
Location: Washington DC 20852


Profile: This is a local team that is getting started, and we meet here each day. We journal, help each other work through things, share whatever we want to talk about. Ideally you'll want to get together to workout locally, if you just want to do this online only, that's fine as well. Support is the whole idea, with people in and around the Beltway. Please join us!

Last posted: Tuesday, May 25, 2010, 12:14 AM

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33, female, 1 child, married. I am 151 pounds.

I lost 90 pound over two years, didn't get the last ten off though; now Ive gained 15-20 pounds back and would like to lose those plus the extra ten I never lost. I am recently married, also recently moved to Old Town Alexandria from Austin, Tx. I work in Tysons Corner.

39 year old mom of two .I am a home daycare provider andI love people.I try not to physically put down others because it has been a life long pattern of what has been done to me.I just want my boys to be proud of me and be able to live a long life.My mom died 1 year ago on Thanksgiving at 60 years old.She and my father are overweight so it is a pattern I have followed sinceI was 22 before my 1st marriage i was 125 lbs now I am 215

I'm a married twenty-something who currently weighs around 230 pounds. In school, I was headed towards a career as a professional dancer. At 19, I ruined my right knee and had a surgery to repair it. I left school, left my dreams, became very depressed and gained over 100 pounds. My weight has been creeping up every year since then and I haven't been able to do anything about it.

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