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Group Name: 50-Day Workout Challenge2
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Profile: A challenge to do some type of exercise for 50 consecutive days, starting on July 1st.

Last posted: Tuesday, May 25, 2010, 2:06 AM

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Hi everyone. I'm so happy to have found PT and this group. I'm a 42 y/o female who has about 120 more pounds to lose. I have already lost 65. I do pretty well with food, but exercise is the hard part for me. I'm doing this challenge in hopes that after 50 days exercise will become a habit. I feel so good after I exercise, but the hard part for me is getting up off the couch to actually do it. I usually do an hour on the treadmill and then I do some weight-lifting every other dayt to develop my upper body strength. I'm looking forward to this challenge and getting to know everyone.

I live in Atlanta, am married (12.5 years), and have 2 daughters, 10 and 7 years old. I am a real estate agent and have been somewhat sedentary. My best weight is probably around 125 lbs, and I am currently weighing 150 lbs, so I would like to lose 25 pounds. Also, my family and I have begun tennis lessons, and I hope to be able to play socially and compete after I get more experience.

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