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Group Name: Fit & Fabulous!
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Profile: G'day! Hoping that my Aussie colloquialism will encourage you to be a part of my get fitter, get slimmer, be healthier and live life to the fullest mindset that has recently taken hold. A little about me... Married, no kids, 34 yr old professional who really has lived the good life for a little too long ;). So in saying that, have gained quite a few extra pounds in the process and would like to say that I can swim 1000m & run 5km but I can't! Currently going to the gym 2-3 times per week, but wanting to step it up quite a notch and focus more carefully on diet. So why not form a group??Let's encourage and inspire each other! Live vicariously through each other's successes. Take a collaborative, and most importantly, consistent approach to helping each other achieve our weight loss and fitness goals. Anyone from anywhere in the world encouraged to join!

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