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Group Name: Determinators
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Location: 00000

Goals: To be able to support each other with whichever weight loss venture we want to take


Last posted: Saturday, October 10, 2015, 7:52 AM

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I am 39 years old . I am 5'9 and am in need of loosing 25lbs. I am a very proud mother , and have a very supportive and loving husband who is an amazing father to our child. I am a 8 x marathoner. I have also run countless 1/2 marathons ans 5k's and 10ks. I have also competed in many triathlons over the last 4 years including the big daddy the Ironman Triathlon where i proudly say I swam 2.4 miles,bikes 112 miles and ran 26.2 miles. I finished it and heard those incredible words, you are an Ironman! A month and 1/2 later I was pregnant and now rely on that determination and power to get my body back! I did after having my child and than lost it after becoming a stress eater dealing with family drama and illnesses, I want to become an athelete again and feel strong setting a great example for my child .

I have gained 19 pounds after being laid-off in June 2010, an ugly breakup in October 2010 and after a family tragedy June 2011. It all became too much emotional baggage, so I began to eat sweets and high carb foods. As far as working out, I have been very inconsistent; after working out all of my life. Normally I worked out 3 - 4 times per week, which included cardio and weight training. Exercise had always been a part of my life. I just had a really bad time with it the past 2 years. So, it is time that I reclaim ME!!! I want to get back down to 120 pounds. I feel best in my clothes and in my skin at 120 - 123 pounds.

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