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Group Name: Going Forward
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Location: Jamaica Estates, NY 11432

Goals: Have been fighting the good fight for at least 15 years now. I've won some and I've lost some. Now I am on the losing end by gaining the weight. I am looking to be on the winning end by losing the weight. The battle is still being waged. However, I am looking forward to winning this up hill battle. Lets fight this battle together. I have gained about 40lbs in the last 3years and I am ready to lose the lbs and win the battle once and for all !!!! Lets go and get our lives back!!! :-)

Profile: Let's lose 20lbs+ and rock on.. :-)

Last posted: Saturday, November 26, 2005, 2:13 PM

Other Info: We don't cry over spilled milk. We look forward to brighter days in the future and look toward our goals with love and support of each other. I'm pretty active (marathon-2000, bike, walk, jog, tennis) now I just need to "Just Do It". I hope we can together. Nutrition is a key factor too.

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