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Group Name: 5'8"+ Getting Beach Ready Bodies10
Members: 3
Location: Anywhere 00000

Goals: To provide understanding and support for tall women 5'8" and up!

Profile: If you are 5'8" and up and want to lose weight, firm up or just chat with other tall people this is the group to join!

Last posted: Thursday, October 27, 2011, 3:08 PM

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im 21 im tall- 6 foot and I use to cheer i cheered for 12 yrs and played softball. I'm out going and newly back into the dating scene!! i have no kids although my godson is always here. I go to school fulltime and work full time..

I'm a 22 y/o working in an office setting. I sit around all day and by 5 pm I'm ready to go home and crash. I will be starting school in January (Surgical Tech) .

I was diagnosed with depression last week and it really made me see why I have been packing on the pounds. I have been using food for comfort. I don't want this weight anymore. My fiance is in the ARMY and well, PT is part of his every day life. It is difficult to exercise with him knowing I can't even do half of what he can do so I just don't do it. It is also difficult to exercise when it is so darn hot in the south. I don't like to go to the gyms because I am embarrassed and it seems to me to be more of a meat market than anything else. I work full time and live a good ways from home so anyone knowing the ATL traffic knows that you are just beat everynight when you get home. I am ready for a change!

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