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Group Name: 8 Week Challenge- Ready For July 4th3
Members: 2
Location: Anywhere 00000


Profile: This is a challenge team for PT members looking for added daily accountability and motivation. Like the spotlight, members are asked to post six days a week and be active with their support and comments daily. Please join only if you have the level of committment needed in a "spotlight"

Last posted: Sunday, July 09, 2006, 8:59 AM

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on vacationf for awhile and been so lazy and enjoying food a lot consequently gained undesired weight, but will go back to work soon

I am 44 years young and single. I have struggled with weight issues my entire life. I have been successful at reaching my goal weight in the past, however I now strive for balance and maintenance. My interests include reading, knitting, quirky films, theatre, travel, west african drumming, salsa dancing, and new adventures.

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