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Group Name: secrets of the blah-blah sisterhood
Members: 4
Location: VA Beach, VA 00000

Goals: To be a buff 40+ year old. I want to fit really good into a size 12. I am working on definition and getting stronger.

Profile: love to log? sure crazy about comments? yep this group is for you!

Last posted: Wednesday, May 30, 2007, 10:57 AM

Other Info: I'm a 44 year old nutritionist. No human kids but 2 sweet as pie Ragdoll cats; Sebastian and Libby. Married almost 4 years. Love to talk about fitness and all that online.

Members profiles:
i don't know what to say about myself yet :)

Im a single black female living in Los Angeles, CA. Im 33 and I have tried every diet in the world, and I have even made up a few. I love to Swim, listen to music, TRAVEL and chill. Im a good friend and a great listener.

I am 23 years old, engaged to be married next October and work full time NIGHTS, at a hospital on a medical surgical/oncology/palliative care unit. Can you say emotionally draining... Oh yeah, I'm an RN<---relatively new grad from last May so my emotions/nerves are all over creation. Hand in hand with my eating habits/activity.

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