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Group Name: Firestarters
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Profile: Let's be accountable to each other!! Log here daily and we'll keep each other motivated!

Last posted: Sunday, May 21, 2006, 1:34 PM

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35 yr. old mom of two, work for the federal government, poet, bowl on two leagues, read, write.....

I am 25 years old, have a 2 year old girl, and a one month old. I am currently married. Although now my husband accepts me and tells me not to worry about my weight I have always had a low self esteem about myself. I hope that this will help. Although to feel fully accomplish I would really love to finish college and do something in my life and not depend on someone. I would like to be independent. But all in all besides having a low self esteem , Im actually a very happy, friendly and patient person.

Im a 33 yr old teenager living a grownup life. Married to a sweetheart who thinks I'm cute even though I'm porky. we have a pet chiwawa named Thumsup. Live in cloudy New Jersey. I work in the IT field but hate computers. Too hard to change careers. i love Indian food. And i get chocolate/sugar cravings at 2-3pm everyday.

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