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Profile: This is the place to come when you need some motivation! Be prepared to GET and GIVE motivation, inspiration and advice on healthy living. Daily logging and comments are expected from everyone.

Last posted: Monday, October 04, 2010, 8:23 PM

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I am 30-something and live in sunny san diego. I am usually very active socially, but am enjoying taking more time for introspection and planning a trip abroad. the down side is I have more trouble motivating to work out.

I am 34 and going back to school to get my PhD. I run run run all day long and come home and pig out and go to bed from my food induced coma! I am married with 2 dogs (german pointers). My husband has maintained his weight since our wedding several years ago, but I have gained about 6 pounds a year! I gained most of my weight from long nights studying (with junk food) and not exercising as much. I lost a bunch of weight on peertrainer before but then I had a baby and Im a FAT AGAIN!

I'm 25, female and on a mission to shift the weight I have gained over the last few years. Through bad eating habits and constantly giving into cravings I have gained two stone and I'm no longer happy with the way I look.

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