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click to see larger image tweaknee's daily log...more > Thu, Mar 15 1:48PM - Went on a sugar bender last night... new day....more >
justan's daily log...more > Thu, Mar 15 1:31PM - ...more >
click to see larger image molined's daily log...more > Wed, Mar 14 1:29PM - DID YOU KNOW?: A typical American supermarket offers more than 10,000 foods; & nationwide, the selection is thought to run as high as 60,000 foods. Yet 75 percent of the calories we consume come from only 100 generic items....more >
I am a 53yo mom with a 27 yo son and 23 yo daughter. I have been married for 30 years. I work full time in a Library and I love books. I joined a gym and have used the treadmill, elliptical and cardio wave. I also love rebounding on my small trampoline. We live north of Boston near the ocean which is a great place to walk....more > Wed, Mar 14 11:03AM - Back to work after the snow...more >
click to see larger image Are you trying to lose weight? You’re not alone. Many people struggle with weight loss, and a many of them struggle to keep off the pounds once they’re shed. Motivation is hard to come by in today’s world. You may feel as though you have a better chance of success winning 10 million dollars at high-stakes Texas Hold ‘Em than getting down to your goal weight. However, it’s more than possible to work hard and see that struggle pay off. To achieve successful long-term results, there are a few...more > Tue, Mar 13 1:16PM - ...more >
annalin's daily log...more > Wed, Feb 28 6:04PM - ...more >
click to see larger image I'm 38, 5'5", married with 2 little ones (5 and 2 and a 1/2 , co-founder here at PT. I was at 185 at the height of both my pregnancies and now I'm 125 give or take a pound or two. It was a very long road to get to 125 and I'm VERY happy to be here. I feel like I rarely have a free moment to myself and I'm working on that. This year I will have the same energy I had when I was 20. I have, I can and I will!...more > Tue, Jan 30 9:34AM - test...more >
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burner8's daily log...more > Sun, Jan 7 11:47AM - Joined WW today......more >
click to see larger image lyness71's daily log...more > Thu, Nov 2 12:34AM - ...more >


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