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Title:   Mangos

Nutrition facts

Serving Size
Amount per serving
Calories 107 Calories from Fat 4
Hide Daily Values % Daily Value*
Total Fat 0g 0%
  Saturated Fat 0g 0%
Cholesterol 0mg 0%
Sodium 3mg 0%
Total Carbohydrates 28g 9%
  Dietary Fiber 3g
  Sugars 24g
Protein 1g
Vitamin A 25%     Vitamin C 76%
Calcium 2%     Iron 1%
Thiamin 6%     Riboflavin 6%
Niacin 5%     Pantothenic Acid 3%
Vitamin B6 11%     Potassium 7%
Phosphorus 2%     Magnesium 4%
Copper 9%      %
* Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet.

107 calories in a mango. per one cup serving, 24 grams of sugar, 3 grams of fiber. Mangoes are high in Vitamin A and C and have a decent amount of minerals like calcium, magnesium, potassium and copper.How Mangoes Can Help You Lose Weight and Get More EnergyIf you take a glance at the nutrition label you'll see that they have a high amount of sugar. However, they have a very powerful and distinctive taste that can transform the taste of commonly eaten foods.For example, in our recipe section we feature an "Amazing Tart Lime Mango Salsa." It is a simple recipe where you add mango to cucumbers, onions and a few other ingredients to make a salsa with the most amazing flavor combinations and contrasts.Most of us know that fruits and vegetables are incredibly good for us. But we also know that fruit has a great deal of sugar in it, and we are often confused about how much fruit one should eat per day.What we do at PEERtrainer is have you do a little fruit each day, and a lot of vegetables. If you are doing any variation of the Cheat System, the recipe above is really ideal because it contains both fruit and vegetables, and represents a really nice balance.We have also found that research shows that fruit and vegetable combinations can have powerful health effects. It makes sense because there are different groups of nutrients in everything. When you combine them together, you create a very broad profile of things that are going to improve the quality of your life.Interesting Mango FactMangoes are on Dr. Jonny Bowden's list of "The 12 Least Contaminated Foods." This is important because pesticides are a big deal, yet organic food costs a lot. If you can cheaply avoid pesticides in your fruits and vegetables, that will be yet another way to make it easier to improve your diet.Which in turn will improve your entire life.More Recipes To Make Your Life GreatIf you are on a path to healthier eating, you will be interested to learn about a way of managing your fridge, which we call "The Magic Fridge."The link above will take you to a blog post where you can actually read the first few pages of the guide to get a sense of what it is all about.Is The High Sugar In Mangoes Bad For Diabetics?This is a really tricky question, and the research (like a lot of research) is conflicting. One recent study at UC Davis concluded that "Sustained fructose consumption has been shown to induce insulin resistance and glucose intolerance" and that dietary fructose "accelerates the onset" of Type 2 Diabetes. Other research supports the link between high fructose intake and diabetes and also gout. However, a study published in 2009 made the distinction that "The fructose that occurs naturally in fruits and vegetables providesonly a modest amount of dietary fructose and should not be of concern."The source of this quote did not provide further clarification on what the difference was between the fructose measured in the study and that found naturally in fruits like mangoes. Regardless of this distinction, as far as your body is concerned, sugar is sugar. If you have too much of it in your body, bad stuff happens. Nobody would dispute that sugar consumption is correlated with obesity and diabetes.To put the sugar content of a mango into some context, a 100 calorie serving of mango contains 24 grams of sugar. In contrast, a 100 calorie serving of sweet potato contains 6 grams of sugar.How Do Mangoes Fare On Weight Watchers Points Plus?The debate over how important the sugar content in fruit like Mangoes is has taken a new turn when Weight Watchers changed how they count fruit in the points system.All fruit, including mango, is now considered zero points. Although we are hearing that there are some limits to this, and some fruit and vegetable only recipes which have some point value.At PEERtrainer, we would observe that one needs to look at one's overall sugar consumption. If you eat a diet that is very low in sugar, fruit will likely not be that big a deal. If you eat a lot of foods containing sugar, (dairy has a ton in it for example) then you might want to take a closer look.Additionally, as you scroll down the two lists in the Cheat System, you'll see that the foods that are low in sugar, tend to be high in nutrients.One of the reasons that coffee is counted as a "Cheat" in the PEERtranier system is that people usually drink it with cream and sugar.We do know that this, and most other issues in the area of food is highly controversial. But if you have questions about things we focus on, know that there is usually a very good "big picture" thing going on. If we help you get your sugar down, your green vegetables up and get you moving in a gentle manner, good things will happen.-PEERtrainerMangos, rawCalories and Nutrition in ApplesCalories and Nutrition in ApricotsCalories and Nutrition in AvocadosCalories and Nutrition in a BananaCalories and Nutrition in BlackberriesCalories and Nutrition in BlueberriesCalories and Nutrition in CherriesCalories and Nutrition in CranberriesCalories and Nutrition in DatesCalories and Nutrition in GrapesCalories and Nutrition in GrapefruitCalories and Nutrition in A KiwiCalories and Nutrition in LemonCalories and Nutrition in LitchisCalories and Nutrition in A MangoCalories and Nutrition in A Honeydew MelonCalories and Nutrition in CantaloupeCalories and Nutrition in OlivesCalories and Nutrition in PapayaCalories and Nutrition in PeachesCalories and Nutrition in a PearCalories and Nutrition in PineappleCalories and Nutrition in a PluotCalories and Nutrition in PlumsCalories and Nutrition in StrawberriesCalories and Nutrition in a TangerineCalories and Nutrition in Watermelon

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