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Member: wombat81
Member Since: 2/7/2009
City: Houston, Texas

December 2010
Louis & I Summer 2012

My Goal:

I promise to:
* Eat at least one large salad every day
* Eat generous amounts of cooked green vegetables, mushrooms, and onions
*Eat beans every day
*Avoid white Flour, as i have a gluten intolerance-( causes skin outbreaks)
*Avoid Sugars and artificial sweeteners
*Use oils sparingly

About me:
I am 51- 6' tall, - a Geoscience Technician; helping my boss, a Geologist, search for oil & gas. I have Hypothyroidism & Menopause: a new OBGyn that specializes in Bioidentical HR Therapy put me on bio-identical HRT Cream on Jan 18, 2012. This has made a huge difference in my energy, attitude, and moods- took about 2 months to kick-in. -Feel So Much Better! Back when I joined in Feb of 2009 I was 215, and lost down to 172#, and now since June or so of this year -2010- I have gained it back. ( I will explain more if you want to know)-I enjoy working out at 24 hour fitness, & love all the GroupX Classes. Hobbies include crocheting, learning to knit. Healthy cooking & entertaining for friends. Reading Dr. Furhman's books has CHANGED MY LIFE FOREVER! (Eat to Live, and Eat for Health). I have also read the Pleasure Trap, the China Study, Super Immunity & will read soon - The Life You Want, and New Rules of Lifting for Women. Hearty veggie soups & stews and Beans in the crock pot. - my weight has fluctuated between 205- 211-202 now is 201

Diets I like:
Dr. Fuhrman's Highly Cruciferous Diet - It is the only thing that has worked for me, and I have tried ALL the others. Eating a ONE big Salad Every Day is the Key. Dr. Fuhrman’s quote: "THE SALAD IS THE MAIN COURSE." The best is a green smoothie for breakfast with baby spinach, frozen blueberries, pomegranate Juice, and fresh orange & flax seed. Kale & Collards, and Mustard Greens work great in green smoothies too! Adding other frozen fruit like peaches or mango, and ½ avocado to change the flavor profile. The Vidalia Chop Wizard is a great time saver for dicing onions, and peppers for soups & salads.

Workout of choice:
Because of the amount of Cardio each week, i have only been doing 2 or 3x's per week on the weight training. Currently -2013- Still Spinning & Loving every minute! 2014- Still spinning and doing water aerobics -& Started Zumba this past Saturday! love it! December 18, 2012 - This is 6 months +2 weeks of spinning & I feel great! NOw need to work-in some Yoga, Pilates, or Yogalates into the Routine....will have to be on Sat, Sun, or Tues - Thurs after work....will figure it out.... Disease Proof - Holiday Challenge Tips from Emiliy Boller- see the link- Forks Over Knives- Recipes for a Plant-Based Thanksgiving - Here's the link: Dr. Fuhrman's 3rd Annual Holiday Challenge 2012 Here's the link: ">font> This is the 16th Week of Spin Class....still getting stronger every day. weight down 1.5 pounds, and then up 1.5 # - - 2 x---now getting the wieight training in consistently....seem to be at a plateau, so will keep going, and see about getting some more weight lost ~15# + to loose to get to goal. 4x's per week in Spin class- Love it! 2x per week-Aqua classes ...water aerobics.- the instructor pushes us to do more.....muscles are getting stronger- gaining more strength with all of this, & the plan is to keep doing it. October 11, 2012 - This is the 16th Week of Spin Class....still getting stronger every day. weight down 1.5 pounds, and then up 1.5# - - 2 x---now getting the wieight training in consistently....seem to be at a plateau, so will keep going, and see about getting some more weight lost ~15# + to loose to get to goal. lSeptember 12, 2012 - This is the 12th week of spin class for me, and i can tell how much stronger my core is getting...also weight down to 175.5 must really get back to weight training as well, and started this morning. Remembering that my new recent photo (July) was taken after 5 weeks of spin class and a new face is getting thinner.... July 17, 2012 ...been getting into spin class, and now I am hooked. this is the 4th week for me; started Aqua classes this past weekend...water this the diversity, and the way the instructor pushes us to do more....muscles are getting stronger! March 9, 2012 - Now must Get the Exercise Down Binge eating is gone, thanks to PoNR and the Hypnosis CD's by Dr. Roberta Temes. Good weight loss pattern of 1# per week. beef up my exercise.... I have not done a cleanse although I eat a lot of greens and that may be a cleanse all by itself... No more dairy and no Sugar Addiction. Gluten-Free since Dec. 28 2011 ....Best thing ever! - feel soOO-ooo much better & have more energy! Feb 10, 2012 Got a new scale yesterday as my other one has been broken for a long time. & I did not realize it....New Scale: so shocked at my new weight! 194.5. My old broken scale said 200 last night (after I ate, of course!) - - This morning – before eating it was at 193! I have been trying to get below 200 for so long. This makes me very happy! Finally the light at the end of the tunnel! I am eating less than I used to... Eating goal "SSS" - eat only at mealtimes, sitting down, at the table, off a plate (sit - slow - savor) Learned this from my PT Friend – and it is working! Walking in the park or on the beach-.a great attitude adjustment when we can do it.

My plan:
Attending Spinning classes at the gym Mon-Wed, and sometimes on Sunday mornings. Did Aqua Classes Sat AM, and Monday nights all through summer and into early fall 2012 & have start back up on the Saturday schedule, as the monday one was cancelled - look like they will add a wed evening class at 5:30 .. This is in addition to weight training- a minimum of 3 times per week. - i usually rotate upper body,and lower body- March 7 2013- started doing Boot Camp Group class - squats, lunges, burpees, planks, and lots of other things i need to get good at like pushups! Love this energy! Instructor has great playlist! - Update on Bootcamp...i stopped doing this because i cannot do the crab crawl, and a few other things very well, as well as keep up the the super-fast pace of this class. Still trying to figure out where to add Mat Pilates into the schedule.. possibly.fri am & sundays? I have some DVDs Also want to try Zumba & Yoga - & seems to be too late for me when I get up at 4 am. Anyways, totally love EXERCISE! the day starts out right if i do it first! I have so much Energy!

I need the most help with:
making sure i do not eat too many of the bad carbs, for example, eventhough i gave up real bread/wheat, I am eating gluten-free, and i know that sometime i overeat those items. I must still exercise portion control.- this usually happens in the evening meal when i am at home.

Additional Info:
II am grateful for my good friends and all of you here at PT that so inspire me every day to do better than I am! Also grateful to God for good health & happiness. Met Dr. Fuhrman at the 1-day Texas Immersion in Austin on September 7,2013!