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Member: supergurl
Member Since: 4/2/2014
City: Los Angeles

My Goal:
I'd like to weigh MINIMUM 150 lbs. I was most happy with my figure when I was 165 lbs. I'd die to be 165 again!
I would like to begin to ENJOY the idea of exercise and I DO NOT want to be prisoner to food!

About me:
I JUST turned 46. I am 5'6'' & I have a young spirit & enjoy life! I just hate my weight now! I'm unmarried and have no children. (Not my choice, just life.) I fluxuate between 243 and 253. I decided to try this plan after looking up points for Weight Watchers for a sandwhich I was eating. Peertrainer popped up. I was hesitant to join. I wanted to join a group who understands what it is like being 200 + pounds and struggling. I belonge to a Weight Watchers @ work group, but it dissovled due to lack of participation. I HATE exercise. I am struggling!

Diets I like:
Weight Watchers

Workout of choice:
Excersise bike.

My plan:
Trying to stick with what I learned in Weight Watchers. Its easier because I have no food choice limits.

I need the most help with:
Motivation, excercise motivation, sticking with a plan

Additional Info:
I don't always eat because I am hungry. I just like food!