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Member Since: 11/18/2005
City: Netherlands

My Goal:
115 is my ideal weight, but more importantly I want to get control of my eating. I'm now 120 and look a little chubby for my small size and frame.

Long.term goal: Develop a healthy relationship w. food--one where I don't base my day around my meals and succumb to binges.

March Challenge:

1. 5 our of 7 post-dinner walks per week
2. 50 hours of sleep per week

March 4-March 10:
March 11-March 17:
March 18-March 24:
March 25-March 31:

About me:
I'm a 29 year old teacher living abroad in the Netherlands. I tend to use eating as an occassion for EVERYTHING -- coping with stress/sadness, celebrating, bonding, and on and on. I can control my binges for the most part when I am around someone else, but, when left alone, I eat and eat and eat, feeling guilty (+ painfully full afterwards). Peertrainer has worked for me before, and I'd love to get back to my "best size" once again.

Diets I like:
I don't "diet." I want to make smart, nutritious choices. I'm also a vegetarian who eats the occasional fish! I work really hard to get enough protein and fiber daily.

Workout of choice:
Outdoor running/cardio machines, playing hockey, taking/teaching Spin classes…the gyms in my small village don't open before I head to work, and I'm a total a.m. exerciser; therefore I've resorted to exercise DVDs which I have found to be pleasantly + surprisingly effective.

My plan:
Make NOT BINGING a HABIT. I feel like I understand what drug addicts go through--I am addicted to OVEREATING!! I KNOW what works for me and what doesn't work, so I'm going to set daily and weekly goals and work very hard to meet them.

I need the most help with:
overeating, binging, eating when I'm sad/angry/stressed/worried/etc.

Additional Info: