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Member Since: 8/27/2006

My first marathon!

My Goal:
Right now... somewhere... someone is doing what it takes to get what they want... and what YOU want.
Are YOU willing to do what it takes to get what YOU want?!?!

GOAL: reach and maintain my ideal weight
Starting weight: 142.4
Not sure what my ideal weight really is. I've gained a lot of muscle in the past year which is great, but still have a lot of fat.
I think my ideal weight is somewhere around 120 to 130.

2010 Events:
... March 27: Trailbreaker 1/2 Marathon (2:10:32)
... August 7: Sprint for Spina Bifida 5k (25:29 PR and 2nd in my AG!!)
... September 4: Lake Country 1/2 Marathon (1:55:54 PR which totally creamed my goal of 2:06!! :-))
... October 24: Wisconsin Dells Marathon (4:17:10)
... November 7: Jingle Bell Run 5k

... Aug 13th Sprint for Spina Bifida 5k
(Done in 25:30 = not a PR, but got the medal for FIRST in my age group!!)
... Sept 3rd: Lake Country 1/2 Marathon
(goal 1:51:26 = 8:30 pace)
... Oct 2: Lakefront Marathon
(BQ time would be 4:05:59, I'm shooting for <4 hours)

About me:
I started running in 2006, ran my first half-marathon in 2007 and my first (and only) marathon in 2010. Someone commented on my picture that I looked like a "bad ass" and I loved it! Over the past 2 years I have slowly let life get in the way of exercise and my passion for running, but it's time to get it all back!

Diets I like:
Currently I am trying to follow a (mostly) Paleo way of eating. I did complete my first Whole30 in July of 2013.

Workout of choice:
Running. Love to run. Love to race. Love to train. But - actually anything that gets my heart pumping and makes me feel like I've accomplished something is good.

My plan:
Project Bad Ass!

I need the most help with:
Staying the course when surrounded by friends and family that think I am nuts with some of the things I eat (or no longer eat!) Not allowing peer pressure to give me an excuse to eat crap.

Additional Info: