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Member: amyjman
Member Since: 7/15/2012
City: Adana, Turkey.

My Goal:
1) To burn 30lbs of body fat while maintaining or slightly increasing muscle mass.
2) To be able to ban ALL starch consumption after 5pm. (Mon-Fry)
3) To eat only at meal times. (Sun-Sat)
4) To allow myself to cheat on the weekends without bingeing! and then having to start from square 1 on Mondays. (Sun & Sat)

About me:
Started having weight problems since before they even existed! Have been dieting since eight or nine years of age, even though my weight was perfectly healthy for a kid and the spare tire didn't show up until I turned 15, after following a worthless physician's orders to take non-steroid anabolic (Maxibol, a.k.a. coenzyme of the B-12 vitamin) as he promised me it wouldn't make me gain weight. Then the weight I never had but thought I did, really did show up in a matter of 90 days. I went from 113 to 145 in no time! The reason why he prescribed me that garbage was to supposedly help with the sudden stoppage of growth in stature. At the time of the prescription, I hadn't grown an inch for five years, in other words, I was a 15 year old with the height of a 10 year old. For some reason I have a very strong feeling that GLUTEN was behind my inability to grow taller like any normal child. My mother was a health nut (and still is), but went about it the wrong way: a big part of our "protein" sources came from soy and gluten as a meat substitute while we piled up on sugar and starches. For the past 18 years, I've been been yo-yo dieting and embarking in nothing but NON-TRANSCENDENT fad diets. I've had it with it!

Diets I like:
Ayurveda, Alkaline diet, Food combining, and Paleo seem to have the most affinity with and as reasonable as JJ's and Jackie's gluten/soy/corn/dairy/egg/peanut-free approach, as well as the most leaky-gut healing.

Workout of choice:
to be continued...

My plan:
to be continued...

I need the most help with:
Motivation on my no-run days. I run every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday when we gather for our physical training as a squadron. However, I cannot seem to find the motivation to do all the additional work outs I always dream about (and plan for) on the non-squadron PT days. Getting up in the mornings to go to the Gym before work is hard like never before. Then when I fail to just get up in the morning to go to the gym and work out, then I promise myself to make up for it after work just to find myself extremely tired and skip it again. So in the end all I get for exercise is nothing but six to eight miles a week followed by a weekend of binging on "rewarding" foods. Does anybody have any ideas?

Additional Info:
to be continued...