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marry Christmas to you .
i wish we could be
friendly in good lovely
relationship,if you could
be sincere and lovely,well i
do cherish your profile,with whom
i shall be delighted to build a long
lasting relationship with.age and distance
no problem,privately send me a reply to my email
address( i get back
at you including my picture. I shall hopefully wait for
your reply.Yours,

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mandyyang, 8/27/2011 9:41:15 PM
HI Sarah - I'm reading your page and it's inspirational!! I have about the same amount to lose as you did, I also am a (retired) librarian and love books, and I live just north of you on Prince Edward Island.
Congratulations on your weight loss and your goals to be toned and in shape. It's what I want to achieve as well.
mkmacphee, 8/13/2010 7:53:18 AM
Sarah.....How do I get back to your group???? I can't find you guys :( and PT booted me OFF.
lovely40, 12/2/2007 9:19:56 AM
Sarah, It's Mary (lovely40)! I have lost my group.....I msged Tessy and GG too....HELP! How do I find you guys again? :( I am sad and lonely without you all.......Had a great trip to NYC for a week, but forgot that I needed to check that vacation box on PT and now they have booted me off because I haven't logged in :( please msg me?
Hope to log in soon!
lovely40, 11/28/2007 10:18:04 PM