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Monday, August 26 
tweaknee's daily log

 Last posted Thu. Jan 18, 6:35pm


My Weight Chart:
Weight Chart

Need to lose 10 lbs that I put on over the past rough year and a half. Lots of stress and now I'm in a job I don't really like, seeking to change but at least I have health insurance. I'm in 5'3" close to goal gals, Rockin Bod, Over Fifty, Christian 50+ glas, & was in Christian Women Unite! Recently joined Progress no Perfection, the most accountable and active team I've seen.

One goal is to increase raw foods to 80% of diet, currently it's probably closer to 60. Also do some kind of exercise every day, even if it's just a walk.

Progress not Perfection group:
Core Rules for Week 1 (ending July 20):
No processed sugar
No gluten
At least walk daily
Workout routine 2x

Core Rules for Week 2 (ending July 27):
Above plus
No snacking after dinner
Workout routine 3x

Core Rules Week 3 (ending Aug 3)
I didn't meet any of the above, so ...
No snacking after dinner
Workout routine 3x
Walk or bike every day

Core Rule Week 4 (ending Aug 10)
No eating while preparing

Core Rule Week 5 (ending Aug 17)
Exercise: walk or bike 5x a week

Core Rule Week 6 (ending Aug 24)
Go to bed by 10pm on work nights

Core Rule Week 7 (ending Aug 30)
Finish eating by 7pm

my notes
Did I call it or what? I don't believe I can cut out my sweets or I will gain 2 lbs/day.

The three flights of stairs I take 2-3x/day at work and don't bother logging, just about killed me this morning. On the verge of getting sick maybe..

Tried the lifecycle. Felt so awful, couldn't breathe well, stopped before 3 minutes.

Pea protein smoothie with blueberries, banana, peas, water
decaf coffee

Finally - free company food that isn't horrible!
Thai chicken flatbed wrap without the flatbread, picked over most noodles
Veggie flatbed wrap without the flatbread
Werther candy :)

iced decaf coffee
home made flax muffin
guayusa chocolate tea
large grapefruit
sugar snap peas
2 fruit flavored candies
1 werther candy

1/2 cucumber
1/2 cup hummus
1/2 small acorn squash
4 dried apricots
sweet potato (1/8 cup?)
frozen blueberries
2 pieces sugar free chocolate almond bar

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