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Sunday, May 27 
hstchr's daily log

 Last posted Thu. Apr 4, 4:17pm

1/1/2012 Weight 133. Lose the 15 pounds that have crept up in the last year.
Find out if I have any food sensitivities or autoimmune issues.
Lose my sweet tooth.
2/10/2012 Weight 124. Goal is to lose the remaining 6 pounds. But more importantly, get the fat percent down and preserve/build muscle, whatever the scales say. Best weight in the past has been 118.
Sweet tooth seems to be gone; let's keep it that way!
4/12/12 What happened?? Weight is up to 133.5! Sweet tooth is back with a vengeance. Clothes do not fit. It's time to hop back on the wagon. Sugar and alcohol are the first items to monitor. Also need to add in more veggies.

my notes

none today

oatmeal/a little sugar/coco milk/blueberries, green tea

pintos with a little fat, greens, cornbread/butter, snow peas


tostada/hamburger/refried beans/salsa/cheese, chips and salsa, margarita

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