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calorie counterLook Up Your Calories!
How many calories were in your sushi tuna roll last night?  Do you track weight watchers points?  The PEERtrainer calorie counter is a calorie "wiki" with entries of your favorite foods, along with reviews from members of the PEERtrainer community. more>

fruitsNutrition 101: Eating for Weight Loss, Energy and Optimal Health
Common diet approaches invariably involve calorie and portion control. While it is important to understand portion sizes and the calories in them, it is equally important to get optimal nutrition. What is best for someone is a truly personal and individual thing, but one should proceed with the assumption that they are not getting nearly the nutrients they need. You should also proceed with the assumption that changing and mixing up the sources of nutrients will yield tremendous benefits.  more>


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Joel Fuhrman's Eat For Health:

A Nutritional Approach To The Management Of Chronic Disease

Eat For Health is the latest book by Joel Fuhrman, MD, designed to help people both lose weight and improve their health.  It introduces the MANDI Points System, which is a daily nutrition program built around a detailed food scoring system. Following the MANDI Points System on a daily basis will help one lose weight, and according to Fuhrman is the "most effective weight loss plan documented in medical literature." But unlike traditional diet programs, this system is focused on disease reversal and is designed to "reduce and eventually eliminate your need for perscription drugs." more>


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