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Description:Profile pic: 1/26/08 vs 11/25/08 I'm logging my entire weightloss journey here in the hopes that it will keep me motivated to keep moving forward and shed these extra pounds I have gained over the last 10 years or so! I'd love for people to offer their comments to help keep me motivated as well!! I'll try and keep things interesting by keeping updated photos of me here so that you can see the progress I'm making as well!! Thanks everyone!! Blozzom :-)

1/26/08 vs 11/25/08
1/26/08 vs 11/25/08

My Goal:

Goals for the next 25 days:

-Eat 5 to 6 clean meals a day
-Get my booty moving for at least 20 mins.

Goal for 8/9:
-Do my 12 week 5k program so I'm ready to run the full 5k at Milford Memories. It's not going to happen if my training is not CONSISTENT!

About me:
I'm 33 and need to lose this extra weight. I don't care what the scale says! I live by how many inches I'm losing!

Diets I like:
I'm completely hooked on Body For Life now!!! ( I also use Seattle Sutton's Healthy Eating ( since I eat like crap if I left the planning and cooking up to myself!!

Workout of choice:
Ballet (toe dancing), Yoga, Pilates, Aerobics, Stationary Bike, and Weight Lifting

My plan:
Take it in babysteps!!! Set weekly goals and maybe even do that same goal for 28 days - the amount of time it takes to become habit.

I need the most help with:
I need help sticking it out until I meet my long-term goal. I have troubles picking myself up, brushing myself off and getting going again if I've fallen off the bandwagon!

Additional Info:
AIM: blossomredgrl Yahoo: blossomredgrl Feel free to yell at me in real time or look for me if you need some support.