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How To Stop Back Pain

PEERtrainer Focuses On An Unconventional, Yet Highly Effective Method To Eliminate The Root Of Chronic Pain

"Muscles only follow orders. If they are not being told to move, they stay right where they are...Abandoned by the muscles, and losing the integrity of its curves, the spine is at the mercy of gravity- and gravity is merciless."

-Pete Egoscue

"Pain is often the symptom associated with muscle imbalance...One benefit of pain is that it informs us there's a problem."

-Phil Maffetone

Chronic back pain often creates a sense of urgency which impairs judgment and puts many at risk for medical procedures that in many cases may turn out to be unnecessary. If you have been researching how to stop back pain, PEERtrainer presents a course of action that is relatively unique, yet has a great track record.

But first it is important to take a quick look at the "conventional wisdom" out there. If you do a routine internet search on the term "how to stop back pain" you will encounter a set of suggestions that appear on multiple, highly trusted sites including NBC's Today Show.

The advice itself isn't bad. In fact it is pretty good. You are told to sit with good posture, eat broccoli for stronger bones, stop carrying such a heavy purse, sleep better, and tighten your abs.

The problem with this advice is that it does nothing to help address the root cause of back pain. The root of chronic back pain, in the eyes of multiple experts, lies in structural muscle imbalance. Over time, the muscles have been given the "wrong orders" to support your upper body.

Many different health experts over the years have pointed to muscle imbalance as a key to unlocking the root cause of chronic back pain. The central goal of all these different approaches, methods or techniques is to return your muscles to a "natural" or "original state." Some of the proposed exercises are very simple. A common method used in the theater community is called the Alexander Technique, which has people lie on their back with their knees up for a period of time.

The objective is to release muscular tension, and over time allow the back to return to a more natural state. We recently met a theater professor at a major university, who teaches this as part of her coursework to help students deal with the physical demands of acting.

A much more developed and structured approach is called the "Egoscue Method", and was developed by a gentleman named Pete Egoscue. The objective of this method is to return your entire body to a state of balance and alignment. This method appears to be the most comprehensive of its kind out there, and totally unique.

Additionally, the results and track record are impressive. What is most interesting is that when you get your body into a state of better alignment and balance over time, there are benefits which extend well beyond curing back pain. We interviewed Pete Egoscue recently who told us that almost all of his clients that he teaches personally at his clinic report weight loss. This is one reason that PEERtrainer is focusing on this area, and incorporating into our weight loss programs. On the fitness side we see a dramatic increase in exercise motivation among people who incorporate the exercises into their daily routine.

Sitting Knee

Static Back Knee Pillow Squeezes

Static Back

Supine Groin Stretch

Air Bench At PEERtrainer we have a habit of digging into the root causes of things. We asked Pete about the long-term health impact of getting into alignment. He stated that as you start to move correctly, this puts you on "the path to metabolic health." He said that researchers have been able to learn what causes a cell to die.

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