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My Goal:

There are 28 days remaining until April 6!

That’s 4 WEEKS!


GOAL: Size 14 Chanel skirt suit (approx. 185 lbs.)



Gradatim Ferociter, which (very roughly) translates to:

Step by step, fiercely.”


9-WEEK CHALLENGE (1/29/07 – 4/2/07)



(Weight loss previous to PEERTrainer membership: -60.5 lbs.)

My Weight Chart Since Joining PT:
Weight Chart

PREVIOUS:  2/1/06--------367.0
PT WEEK 0: 1/1/07--------306.5
                    1/2/07--------302.4-------(-4.1 lbs.)-------(-64.6 lbs. total)
                    1/3/07--------299.3-------(-3.1 lbs.)-------(-67.7 lbs. total)
                    1/4/07--------296.3-------(-3.0 lbs.)-------(-70.7 lbs. total)
                    1/5/07--------296.0-------(-0.3 lbs.)-------(-71.0 lbs. total)
                    1/6/07--------294.4-------(-1.6 lbs.)-------(-72.6 lbs. total)
                    1/7/07--------297.0-------(+2.6 lbs.)------(-70.0 lbs. total)
                    1/8/07--------296.2-------(-0.8 lbs.)-------(-70.8 lbs. total)
PT WEEK 1: 1/8/07-------296.2 ------(-10.3 lbs.)-----(-70.8 lbs. total) (calorie average: 1,201 per day)
                    1/9/07--------290.8-------(-5.4 lbs)--------(-76.2 lbs. total)
                    1/10/07-------290.3-------(-0.5 lbs.)-------(-76.7 lbs. total)
                    1/15/07-------293.4-------(+3.1 lbs.)------(-73.6 lbs. total)
PT WEEK 2: 1/15/07------293.4 ------(-2.8 lbs.)------(-73.6 lbs. total) (calorie average: 1,300 per day)
                    1/22/07-------285.0-------(-8.4 lbs.)------(-82.0 lbs. total)
PT WEEK 3: 1/22/07------285.0-------(-8.4 lbs.)-------(-82.0 lbs. total) (calorie average: 1,100 per day)
PT WEEK 4: 1/29/07------283.4-------(-1.6 lbs.)------(-83.6 lbs. total) (calorie average: 1,300 per day)


PT WEEK 5: 2/5/07-------280.8--------(-2.6 lbs.)------(-86.2 lbs. total) (calorie average: 1,200 per day)
                    2/6/07--------278.9-------(-1.9 lbs.)-------(-88.1 lbs. total)
                    2/7/07--------277.7-------(-1.2 lbs.)-------(-89.3 lbs. total)
                    2/9/07--------274.6-------(-3.1 lbs.)-------(-92.4 lbs. total)
                    2/12/07-------273.4-------(-1.2 lbs.)-------(-93.6 lbs. total)
PT WEEK 6: 2/12/07------273.4--------(-7.4 lbs.)------(-93.6 lbs. total) (calorie average: 1,100 per day)
PT WEEK 7: 2/19/07------276.3--------(+2.9 lbs.)------(-90.7 lbs. total) (calorie average: 1,800 per day)
                    2/20/07-------274.8-------(-1.5 lbs.)-------(-92.2 lbs. total)
                    2/22/07-------271.6-------(-3.2 lbs.)-------(-95.4 lbs. total)
                    2/26/07-------274.4-------(+2.8 lbs.)-------(-92.6 lbs. total)
PT WEEK 8: 2/26/07------274.4--------(-1.9 lbs.)-------(-92.6 lbs. total) (calorie average: 2,010 per day)
                    2/27/07-------274.0-------(-0.4 lbs.)-------(-93.0 lbs. total)
                    2/28/07-------273.7-------(-0.3 lbs.)-------(-93.3 lbs. total)


                    3/3/07--------273.0-------(-0.7 lbs.)-------(-94 lbs. total)
                    3/4/07--------269.9-------(-3.1 lbs.)-------(-97.1 lbs. total)
                    3/5/07--------267.2-------(-2.7 lbs.)-------(-99.8 lbs. total)
PT WEEK 9: 3/5/07-------267.2--------(-7.2 lbs.)-------(-99.8 lbs. total) (calorie average: 1,200 per day)
                    3/6/07--------264.2-------(-3.0 lbs.)-------(-102.8 lbs. total)
                    3/7/07--------261.2-------(-3.0 lbs.)-------(-105.8 lbs. total)
                    3/8/07--------258.9-------(-2.3 lbs.)-------(-108.1 lbs. total)
                    3/9/07--------257.4-------(-1.5 lbs.)-------(-109.6 lbs. total)


(Weight loss previous to PEERTrainer membership: -27.44 kg.)

PREVIOUS:  2/1/06--------166.47 kg.
PT WEEK 0: 1/1/07--------139.03
PT WEEK 1: 1/8/07--------134.35------(-4.68 kg.)------(-32.12 kg. total)
PT WEEK 2: 1/15/07-------133.08------(-1.27 kg.)------(-33.9 kg. total)
PT WEEK 3: 1/22/07-------129.27------(-3.81 kg.)------(-37.2 kg. total)
PT WEEK 4: 1/29/07-------128.55------(-0.72 kg.)------(-37.92 kg. total)
PT WEEK 5: 2/5/07---------127.37------(-1.18 kg.)------(-39.1 kg. total)
PT WEEK 6: 2/12/07--------124.01------(-3.36 kg.)------(-42.5 kg. total)
PT WEEK 7: 2/19/07--------125.33------(+1.32 kg.)------(-41.2 kg. total)
PT WEEK 8: 2/26/07--------124.47------(-0.86 kg.)------(-42.6 kg. total)
PT WEEK 9: 3/5/07---------121.20------(-3.27 kg.)------(-46.87 kg. total)



February average: 52 min per day

3/4/07------------0 (gotta change this, but it feels so nice to have a break after two months)
3/5/07------------0 (not to worry, my P90X system comes soon and I can’t wait to jump into those workouts)
3/6/07------------0 (P90X workout program arrived tonight, so I’ll be going through it and planning my workouts to start tomorrow night!)




i. Purchase official running shoes
ii. Purchase tire pump
iii. Purchase more comfortable bike seat
iv. Complete one dozen (12) self care rituals (more details to follow)
-----------1. Pedicure and massage--CHECK
-----------2. Bubble bath with a glass of very good wine--CHECK
-----------3. Twenty minute (rather luxurious) facial mask--CHECK
-----------4. Created style vision board--CHECK
-----------5. Created heart vision board--CHECK
-----------6. Created money vision board--CHECK
-----------7. Created fitness vision board--CHECK
v. Ride bike and/or kayak for one hour
vi. Begin using blog as primary source of tracking progress


I. Wear stockings without thigh-generated friction echoing the halls
II. Cross legs at the knee easily and maintain position indefinitely
III. More comfortable exercising and being outdoors than being sedentary
IV. Instinctively thought of as athletic, even by relative strangers
V. Expert dancing in staged performances
VI. Confirmation that sleep apnea is cured
VII. Medically supervised reduction of thyroid med to 1mg or lower (down from 3mg to 2mg daily!)
VIII. Completion of 10K race in middle third of finishers
IX. Owner of kayak, paddles, rack, and related camping equipment
X. Consistently unable to make purchases at Lane Bryant because sizes are all too large



This includes ALL processed sugars (like corn syrup) and anything ending in “ose” in the first five ingredients. Only added sugar that is okay will be all natural honey or maple syrup (though I haven’t had any of those either).

This includes all processed flours (in breads, gravies, pastas, or anything else), all processed oats, and all rice except wild or brown.

This refers ONLY to deliberately added workouts for fitness.

*Updated: 3/8/07


For more of my results and musings go to:

Vic’s Notes

Last updated: 2/14/07



1 cup [ X ] 1 cup [ ] 1 cup [ ] 1 cup [ ] =1/4 gallon

1 cup [ ] 1 cup [ ] 1 cup [ ] 1 cup [ ] =1/2 gallon

1 cup [ ] 1 cup [ ] 1 cup [ ] 1 cup [ ] 1 cup =3/4 gallon

1 cup [ ] 1 cup [ ] 1 cup [ ] 1 cup [ ] =1 gallon!

BONUS AREA: 1 cup [ ] 1 cup [ ] 1 cup [ ] 1 cup [ ]


HIGH METABOLISM MEAL PLAN (see log of 3/3/07 for rules and other info)

2 oz. skinless turkey breast or lean fish & 1 c. green veggie or 1/2 grapefruit--

Mid Morning Snack
3 oz. lean fish & 1 c. green veggie--

2 oz. lean fish & 1/2 medium potato or yam & 1 c. green veggie--

Mid Afternoon Snack
3 oz. lean fish & 1 c. green veggie--

3 oz. lean fish & 1-2 cups steamed veggies (excluding starchy/sugary ones like carrots, corn, potatoes, etc.) --

PM Snack (Optional)
2 oz. skinless chicken breast & 1 c. green veggies

Plus, the following, prior to one daily workout:
1 c. carb + 1 c. fruit (preferably grapefruit, peach, berries, or pineapple)

Plus, immediately following that workout the next meal should be switched out for this one:
If next meal is a snack: 2 oz. lean protein (egg whites, fish, or skinless chicken) & 1/2 grapefruit or 1/4 cantaloupe or 1/4 berries
If next meal is lunch or dinner: add 1/2 potato or yam to next scheduled meal


By week's end (which is Friday morning for me, as I'm camping all weekend):

1. Set up all new fund files
2. Scan and link all new business cards
3. Water all plants
4. Contact agent re: Europe blackberry options
5. Practice using Gerry's fabu "situation analysis" at least once
6. Scan doc
7. Sort all remaining docs waiting to be filed
8. Create comprehensive list of event tasks, sorted by responsible party, then forward to M
9. Create RSVP log, to include golf details
10. Order office supplies (clip tags, files “checked out”, toner, etc.)
11. Contact BS regarding CC’ing to orgs, etc.
12. Create K-1 binders
13. Cancel UA flight
14. Track missing Hertz credits
15. Book new flights
16. Confirm rental car
17. Scan and send images of new home to C
18. Make a list of self-care rituals I can pull from when I return from camping (work and home)
19. Check Hertz credits
20. Meet with E at Resort
21. Meeting with ad-hoc committee at Starbucks
22. Complete all Vint filing
23. Scan and send pages of food plan for M
24. Draft list of questions for Resort
25. Return cala lilies to Randall’s for exchange
26. Draft and send barton recap
27. Set out-of-office voicemail and e-mail notifications

1. Send two postcards
2. Mail "circle moves with you" piece
3. Complete P90X "test" (approx. 50 minutes high impact workout)
4. Wash and put away clothes
5. Pack for trip
6. Purchase food for trip, including bottled water for entire weekend
7. Confirm location of nearest Mass to campsite (it's Lent)
8. Water all plants
9. Price new bike seat and tire pump
10. If new seat and pump are purchased, test bike rack on car to see if bike can travel with me on camping trip
11. Gas up car and check oil level
12. Create paid-in-full vision board with materials collected
13. Buy home foods for my meals on Sunday night, Monday, and Tuesday minimum
14. Print maps, registration confirmation, and official packing list for trip
15. Confirm size of sheets needed for bunkhouse (RIPRESA, WE NEED TWIN.)
16. Buy office foods for my meals on Thursday, Monday, and Tuesday minimum
17. Mail logo sweatshirt
18. Go to post office

About me:
I am wonderba!

Diets I like:
No sugar (or syrups, or anything ending in "ose" in first five ingredients), fried foods, processed/refined grains, butter, or dairy that's not skim/nonfat. Limited eating out, except for salads with low-fat dressing on the side. One gallon or more of water daily (room temp only). No artificial sweeteners.

Workout of choice:

My plan:
1. Stock work and home kitchens with necessary foods and bottled water. (Done!) Replenish every two weeks. 2. Get out of bed and put on running shoes first thing every morning, except Saturdays. 3. Drink one litre of water before breakfast, two more before 5:00 p.m., and one each evening. 4. Decline meals out at restaurants whenever possible, and when it's not, eat only a salad (no bread, croutons, or cheese) with low-fat dressing on the side. 5. Post to food log daily.

I need the most help with:
Upsets to my routine. I usually run into trouble when unexpected things happen that throw me off, like bad weather that prevents me from getting outside, trips of any sort, or peer pressure to eat out with a group. When I stay in my routine the weight falls off pretty fast!

Additional Info:
Love to cheer others on, kayak, host picnics under the full moon, read about religion, watch movies, learn about fine art or anything French, and sculpt using alabaster stone. I want to become a dancer and complete a rope's course with ease!