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City: long island ny

so fat - yuch!- about 160 lbs
me, hubby and niece in prom dress i made her - I'm 114.8 lbs - mar 21 10 (first day of spring) 4.8 lbs from goal! check out that shoulder and bicep definition!

My Goal:
sacrifice is giving up something good for something better

my ultimate goal is to someday compete in a bodybuilding contest

About me:
i turned 62 on may 21 - married and have 2 kids - daughter 32 and a married son 28 - I help a friend making horse riding jackets for shows,and i get to go to a horse show in feb in arizona i currently weigh 153.6(down from 182) im only 5 feet so want to weigh 110 - i am body building,spinning and eating a high protein/low carb diet for now - i also have a bodybuilder friend that competes and i make the suits she wears

Diets I like:
following a diet of high protein and little to no carbs just til i get down then ill add some more carbs back and eat all around healthy

Workout of choice:
body building and spinning (since walking and running hurt coz i have piriformis syndrome and a torn labrum and hip and knee arthritis) - when and if that gets fixed im gonna run again -

My plan:
thinking of joining a new gym - following diet a friend gave me who is a trainer - and in return for her help i make her bodybuilding suits for shows

I need the most help with:
just staying motivated to keep going - i can lose focus at the drop of a hat - i get discouraged easily - i have no patience - i just like to eat a lot and all the wrong stuff

Additional Info:
my highest weight ever was 182 . i have been yo-yo-yoing since around 1990 - from aug 09 to march 10 i had an awesome trainer who got me from 154 to 114.8 - i was on cloud 9 til i had a cancer scare (which turned out negative thank god) but it played with my head - i weighed in at 153.6 today march 6 - im tired of being fat - i wanna have a bodybuilders body -