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Member: sew
Member Since: 4/29/2009
City: Medford, OR

Not a good comparison shot...but you can "see" me when we talk:)

My Goal:
Current weight: 197 (-5)
11/01/12- Goal: 5 to 7 lbs per month; Lose 40
162 (BMI 24.2)-- cut my hair off!

About me:
My name is Sarah and I am 34 years old. I have maintained the higher side of “healthy” or “normal” weight for most of my adult years. However, I tend to overeat…and my weight creeps up, and then back down again. I am currently heavier than I would like to be, but most of all, I have stopped watching what I eat. My background is in Public Health, more specifically health planning and health communications. I currently work for a regional addictions treatment organization, as one of the executive leaders. It is a new job for me, as I joined the team to help navigate them through healthcare reform. My true passion is International Health-- infectious diseases and nutrition:) go figure! (I wouldn't mind being a writer or opening a restaurant either!)

Diets I like:
Weight Watchers, Low-Fat, Lots of food-- and it doesn't matter if it is french fries or veggies. I just like to have lots of food!

Workout of choice:
Walking/Running, Housework-type-of-stuff, trying more outdoorsy types of activitiies

My plan:
Follow weight watchers points system, be VERY honest with what I eat in my food journal and be accountable when I have to eat away from home.

I need the most help with:
accountability, reminders-- French Fries are bad! Don't touch an egg roll! Get more sleep! And drink more water! :)

Additional Info: