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Member: sandykay
Member Since: 5/11/2007
City: Northern California

Richard and Sandy at Trevi Fountain in Rome January 2008, 40 pounds lighter!
Cruise June 2009, my niece Wendy, Me, my mom and my daughter Holly

My Goal:
To reach my goal I need to~
Stop self sabatoging when I get close to goal!!!
Treadmill 1 hour 6 days a week
Workout on ball 4-5 days a week
Stick to new lifestyle using Medifast foods
Drink plenty of water
Believe it! Achieve it!
Continue to seek God in all things!!!

The only thing that can stop you is YOU.. don't be your worst enemy. when your close, dont get scared and start to self sabotage.. you are worth this.. whatever it is your reaching for you deserve it as much as anyone..

Feel good, be able to keep up with the grandbabies! Firm up as the pounds come off! My goal weight is 165-179. Starting weight 249.5 I will not hit 250!
So far -2 lbs......6/8/07
Weigh in -3........6/20/07
Weigh in -10......7/04/07
Weigh in +2......7/24/07
weigh in -3.5...7/27/07
weigh in -2......8/11/07
weigh in -3.....9/01/07
wiehg in -3.....9/12/07
weigh in +1.5 9/26/07
weigh in -4.5 10/03/07
weigh in -2.4 10/15/07 I am out of the 220's!!!! Yeee haw!
weigh in -3.5 11/15/07 I currently weigh 215, I am at the 1/2 way mark!
weigh in -1.0 11/24/07 almost out of the 2-teens!
weigh in -2 12/10/07 212 yea!
weigh in 1/1/08 216 yuck-faced the weight gain )<:
weigh in 1/29/08 217- come on Sandy
weigh in 2/9/08 214- thats 15 to go in the next 5 weeks, steep but if I put my mind to it I can do it!!!
weigh in 2/18 212!! on the way (<:
weigh in 2/29 211 really need to push if I am going to make my Easter/Cancun goal!!
3/18 209 thats more like it!
4/07 213 dang all inclusive resort! I know it was my choices.......
4/19 213.4 first day of extreme fat smash! 1 day done, 20 to go (<:
4/26 209.0 phase one of extreme done! Come on Sandy...out of the 200's!!!
6/09 209 still......what is going on????
6/16 211 eeee gads! Going the wrong way!!! )<:
8/01 212 come on Sandy!!!!!!!!!
8/04 214 yikes
8/15 211 beginning the new plan next week, give fs a rest as I seem to be at a standstill.....
8/25 214, my body seems to "like" that weight, according to my book the body loves to hang on to fat and the extra weight. So today starts my new plan of cracking the fat loss code, lets hope I can get out of the 200's
9/01 207! have i broke out of the plataeu finally????? (<:
9/22 204 almost to onederland!!!
9/26 202.8 come on Sandy, you can do this!!!
10/4 201.8 So close!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Onederland here I come (<:
10/8 200.2 eerrggghhhhhhhh! I am weighing again tomorrow!
10/9 199.6!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YES!! I have lost 50 pounds in 15 months(<:
10/27 198.4 keep it going!
10/31 197.4 thinkin I'll see the 180's by New Years!
11/20 196.5
11/25 195.4
12/19 194.4 (was up and now down again, so posting the loss!)
01/01/09 official holiday weigh in 196, so not horrible, but not 189....
01/19/09 back from Hawaii, 198.7 yikes! Need to get serious if I'm going to make my March and June goals!!
02/03/09 200 going the wrong way.... day one of new plan "4 day diet"
02/07/09 195.4 module one finished with a loss of 5 1/2 pounds, wow!
02/11/09 194.2 module two done with a loss of 1.2 pounds! yay (o: Entering into "no mans land" weight I haven't been in a long long time!
02/25/09 200 I am sooooooooooo mad at myself! begin again, stop sabatoging myself!!!
03/04/09 196.8 going in the right direction, stop gaining and losing these same stinkin pounds!!
03/27/09 204 day one of detox on fat smash
04/05/09 196 phase one done, kicked 8 pounds to the curb, now I need to focus on losing 1-2 pounds each week from now until my birthday! Inch by inch its a cinch, pound by pound I WILL slim down!!!!
04/16/09 down another pound 195 hope to bump it up some more to get to 189 sooner than later!!
05/01/09 not sure what is going on....up to 198, trying to not get discouraged
05/18/09 199, I am so frustrated, I am going in the wrong plan starting today...I'll go back to weighing in on Friday
05/22/09 195, thats more like it!! Come on Sandy, get out of the 190's!!!
05/29/09 194
07/01/09 202 ding dang cruise! but no regrets, it is what it is!
7/10/09 202 still.....come on Sandy!
8/01/09 204 aaarrrggghhhhhhh!!!
08/18/09 202.5 according to my wii as we RV across the USA!
09/07/09 205 come on Sandy!!!!! starting crack the fat loss code today!
09/12/09 202 I was doing my carb depletion, day 4 got the stomach flu..uck!
10/11/09 208...what is going on??????????????
11/03/09 213 I am ready to cry......
11/30/09 214 I begin fat smash detox today, I will reach "onederland" again and this time I will stay there!!!
12/09/09 207 Ended fat smash detox today, 7 pounds off, 8 pounds to get gone by 1/1/10 23 days away....a little over 2 pounds a week....I think I can, I think I can! (o:
12/16 205 getting closer to onederland!
12/22 205 ugh! I feel like I am retaining some fluid, don't know why......oh well, not likely to see onederland for new years darn it ):
01/01/10 208 Too many Christmas treats );
3/01/10 215 I am so dissapointed in myself, time to quit beating myself up and get back on track with what it'll take to get and keep the weight off.
3/15/10 217 I could just cry~but I won't, its my own fault )o:
3/19 215 lets keep it going
3/26 220 I could just cry...and so i did )o:
4/2 218 day 4 of extreme fat smash, when will I learn?? Once I reach "onederland" I will do whatever it takes to reach my goal and stay there!
4/23/2010 217 I am so frustrated....I need to get this weight off, attempting to use positive self talk but it is getting harder and harder to do )o:
9/11/2010 232 ENOUGH ALREADY!!!!!!!!! 2010 has not been kind....time to make my goal of getting healthy and losing this weight number one priority. One test left on my heart and its a 100% green light to go on exercise. Today is the day, now is the time, make the most of the remainder of 2010!!!
10/01/10 235...whhhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
10/15/10 232 going in the right direction!
12/07/10 236.4 starting medifast
12/16/10 226.7 wow!
12/26/10 224
01/04/11 222
01/13/11 220
02/02/11 217
02/09/11 215
02/24/11 212
03/03/11 209!!
03/10/11 208
03/17/11 206
4/14/11 201
5/10/11 198.8
6/06/11 195
6/24/11 193
6/30/11 191
7.9.11 189.7 I will take it!!
9/12/11 189.7 been there for 2 months, time to shake things up!!!
9/19/11 182.4
10/3/11 187 rut row!! stupid mountain air, actually making unwise choices and totally aware of how unwise they were and deciding to do it anyways!!
10/25/11 183.3 so I am sooo close to seeing 179, make it this week Sandy!!
01/01/12 186 time to reach goal!!!
01/08/12 184 2 down 10 to go!!! Goal, goal, goal!!!
02/08/12 182.8 come on 170s!
03/08/12 184
04/02/12 189
05/02/12 186
My goals and rewards!!
First 10 pound luggage- bought a darling purple bag
Next 10 purse- cute little brown bag!
And then for 30...................... overnight getaway with Richard
At 40 pounds I will................. Spa day- massage, facial, pedicure
50 pounds..............................New hairstyle to show off my thinner face!
60 pounds 176.......................Join a health club
70 pounds 166......................I am thinking this will be my goal weight so it will be a trip to So Cal with Cathy and purchase a new wardrobe, give away ALL my "big girl" clothing (o:
Keep it off for 1 year........ A "mega" trip of some kind, more than likely heading to the South Pacific for a month! Or some kind of wonderful cruise....but must keep the weight off while on this mega vacation (o: travel is a fantastic motivator....remind myself daily of my successes and don't focus on the set backs, they are not failures, they are opportunities for me to learn. After this year I will of also been working out and so whatever I am not able to tighten up with exercise I will go to Scripps and see what I can do surgically (tighten tummy and lift breasts will be my guess- maybe a mini face lift) This will be for my 55th birthday...eeeeyyyyykkkkk!

10 things I must do to keep on track.....
1. Watch for hidden carbs.
2. 5 and 1 every day.
3. Drink my water!
5. Keep to 2 cups of coffee a day.
6. Log on to PT daily with my food and to check in with my pt family!
7. See it, believe it, achieve it!
8. Read my goals daily
9. Positive self talk
10. Recognize hidden stress
Be mindful of what I eat each and every day. Stay away from the processed food as much as I can (o:
measurement 4/23/07 4/08/09 5/08/12
bust- 52 46.5
waist- 46 39
abdomen-52.5 46
hips- 51 45
thigh-24 22
arms- 13 11.5
Body fat % 41.6 36.6
Hubby bought me Wii for my birthday, use the tools-wii fit, wii sports and wii personal trainer (o:

About me:
I am 54 years old, 5'11" and after almost reaching goal have gained 30 pounds. Became an "empty nester" in October 06. I have been married for 34 years to a very wonderful and supportive man. He is my best friend and makes me laugh daily! We have 3 adult children (2 boys 1 girl) , 2 are in good marriages and our oldest is happy to be out of his marriage and shares custody of his 10 year old son with his ex.. They did give me the most wonderful grandson, he is one of the main reasons for getting and staying healthy. I want to be around when he grows up and has children, I have 9 grandchildren with grandchildren 8&9 born on December 10th (twins!) I work from home and also am a caregiver to my elderly mom.I became a health coach with Take Shape for Life using Medifast products and love love love helping others get to a healthy weight!! I love to travel, and we travel quite often. I have 2 bulging disc's which explains the back pain I have been in for the last 18 months, hoping with physical exercise and losing the weight I can get my back stronger and pain free!!

Diets I like:
I started Medifast in December of 2010 weighing in at 248 and weighed 182 on April 2012. I have gained 36 pounds in the last year (ugh!) I did fat smash from June 07to Januar2010. I really want to lose the weight once and for all by the time I turn 55 in June.

Workout of choice:
Riding our tandem bike with my husband. swim in the summer in our pool

My plan:
Riding my bike 100 miles a week. Work out with my WII 2 days a week-yoga Work out with my exercise ball 2 days a week Eat medifast foods 5 and 1 plan drink plenty of water get 7-8 hours sleep a night

I need the most help with:
Staying focused....

Additional Info:
I have never really used the internet like this, so it will be interesting to me to see if this works. I was very thin as a teen (5'11" 125 pounds) then met my future husband and went up to 150. Stayed in the 150-170's until my 30's. Then went up to almost 200 in my late 30's. And now other than one year when I did Jenny Craig I've been in the 210-250 range. I don't think I'll ever get below 170, but I'd be happy in the 170's, thats a size 12 and I like being that size. Plus if I get too thin I know the wrinkles that are currently filled in with fat will start to appear! I am loving PT, love my teams and groups I am blessed (<: