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Member: rachspen
Member Since: 1/31/2006
City: Colorado

Description:Hi I am an active 27 year old. I am 5'5 currently about 118 pounds. My goals are fitness oriented, I am working on toning and decreasing body fat after reaching my goal weight a couple years ago!

Not good, this was in February 06 in Jamaica...
01/07 in Mexico on our honeymoon!

My Goal:
Stay under 120

My goals are exercise related as I have been maintaining my weight for about 5 years. Running, lifting, biking, anything active I can do! I try to work out 5 times a week (that's a good week!) but at the bare minimum 3-4.

Weigh Ins:
January 2006: starting point: 141(started peertrainer)
4/7/06: 137 (counting calories and running)
7/7/06: 134.5 (started ww)
11/11/06: 123.2, HIT MY WW GOAL!!!!!
12/23/06: 121.4 HIT LIFETIME WW GOAL!!!! Yay, now it's free!
1/20/07: 121.2
2/08: hoping to make a meeting this month for an official weigh in!
Current Goal: Around 117.0

~Bust: 37.75
Waist: 30
Hips: 38
Love Handles: 35

~Bust: 34 (-3.75)
Waist: 27 (-3)
Hips: 35 (-3)
Love Handles: 32 (-3)
Arms:10.75 (-1.25)
thighs (20.5)

About me:
I am 31 (updated!) and live with my husband, 2 dogs and cat. I work in the insurance business at a desk 40 hours per week. My healthy lifestyle began in April 2006 and is very important to me. I love to run, play volleyball, weight train and bike

Diets I like:
I did Weight Watchers originally to lose weight. It taught me the importance of portion control. I now try to eat only whole foods, minimize processed foods and lots of fruits and veggies. I don't consider myself on a "diet" at all, it's just the way I eat!

Workout of choice:
Running, biking, yoga, volleyball and pilates. Fit in as much as I can. Belong to a gym so I have more to choose from!

My plan:
Eat clean, running, biking, yoga, volleyball, strength training

I need the most help with:
Not quitting now that I am where I want to be. It's important to me that this is a forever lifestyle change, I don't ever want to be chubby and feel like crap ever again!!!

Additional Info: