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Member: omorpheus
Member Since: 9/10/2007
City: Lithia, Florida

spring 2010
halloween party 102512

My Goal:
run run run
swim swim swim
skating ! boxing ! hula-hoop ! jump rope !
daily stretches and rolling and poses
5k with the dogs and spouse weekdays
weeds saturdays !

About me:
morning athlete, desk-jockey remainder of the day, high-energy, living my life to its fullest

Diets I like:
more vegetables

Workout of choice:
varied - classes or eliptical or jogging or rowing machine or swimming or walking or weight training ....and stretching... and pilates.... and and and

My plan:
exercise better, eat less, eat more wisely, stretch more

I need the most help with:
balancing ability with goals, expectations with realism

Additional Info:
theme song [running] MORE MORE MORE {Billy Idol}