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Member: lorelei7
Member Since: 1/18/2013
City: Bolivar

My Goal:
To lose at least 35 lbs. this year 2013.
1. First goal - zip and fit comfortably in my largest pair of jeans - size 12.
2. To reduce types of foods from my diet weekly and keep a running total. To date - HFCS and hydrogenated/ partially hydrogenated oils and deep fried foods. (7/11/13)
4. Be able to participate in a 5K and complete it.
5. To be an inspiration for anyone who may need encouragement.


1. Since 6/30/13 I have had no partially or fully hydrogenated foods NOR any high fructose corn syrup.
2. I have added 3 extra fruit servings or veggie servings a week.
3. (As of August 1, 2013), 24+ oz of water a day

Lead, follow or get out of the way challenge:
Start Weight
Week 1 - Missed on weighing - was out of town
Start of Wk 2 - 177
Start of Wk 3 - 175.4 (-1.6)
Start of Wk 4 - 174.0 (-1.4)
Start of Wk 5 - 173.4 (-.6)
Start of Wk 6 - 173.4 no change
Start of Wk 7 - 171.6 ( - 1.8)
Start of Wk 8 - 170.4 (-.8)
Start of Wk 9 - 170.6 (+.2)

Week 1 CR - No high fructose corn syrup
Week 2 CR- No deep fried foods
Week 3 CR- No partially/hydrogenated foods
Week 4 CR - none added per program
Week 5 CR - 24 oz water a day
Week 6 CR - 3 days a week of extra (intentional) fruits or veggies
Week 7 CR - better accountability on logging for now..
Week 8 CR- Maintain
Week 9 CR - absolutely breakfast every day even if it is a smoothie or protein shake

Week 1 - consciously remember to do so - 15 squats a day
Week 2 - 3 walks a week
Week 3 - HIT training starts
Week 4 - add in pushups and planks (aim 3 x a week)
Week 5 -maintain the above - try to make it a habit
Week 6 - add clean and press to the squats....
Week 7 - Must work on above - with work and school now - I just focus on the foods I am eating and exercise, for the most part - goes to the wayside. (Just being honest)
Week 8 - Brutal week starting - and working and school is brutal enough for me, HOWEVER, I plan on trying to get in extra walking and more squats, etc.
Week 9 - no change.

About me:
I am 42 years old. Before I turned 40, I wanted to lose some weight I had been gaining. I turned 40 and then said the same thing about before I turned 41. Now I AM 42 - I want to get serious about this. I am a part of the team "Progress not Perfection" and it has been great! I am starting over - so to say - as I just haven't been taking care of myself - although I have been doing well back at school.

Diets I like:

Workout of choice:
HIIT- as it is shorter to do AND the effects last longer than regular aerobics etc.

My plan:
Squat challenge for now. Started 2/5/14. Walking as well

I need the most help with:

Additional Info: