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Member Since: 7/6/2014
City: North Wales

My Goal:
Right now the scales say 284 Ibs, right now I would like them to say 142 Ibs! So my goal is to lose 142 Ibs in total. My mission is to be at that weight by this time next year - 6th July 2014. Smaller goal is to lose a stone a month, that may not happen every month hence the leeway to do it in 12 months.

About me:
I am 5ft 5.5 female and married with a 11 year old daughter, we live in lovely North Wales, UK. I want to lose half of my body weight for many reasons: to stop puffing and panting whilst using the stairs, to fit into normal size clothes, to have photos taken with my family, to live instead of existing and many more.

Diets I like:
Am looking at the 2 Day Diet which looks a good plan as its flexible and you can eat a wide range of different food over 5 days and omitting carbs on just 2 days.

Workout of choice:
Hmm......this is an area I really need to work on as I have slipped into a bad habit of not doing enough exercise - I like lifting weights and walking so plan on doing one/both at least 5 days a week.

My plan:
I am vegetarian and like the variety of the 2 Day Plan which I shall be following, will be exercising to get fitter, will be posting on here frequently to get the full benefit of this site.

I need the most help with:
Motivation Motivation Motivation - I start off with the best of intentions but quickly lose motivation to carry on week after week, month after month, so joining this site I hope to get motivation and give motivation to anyone who needs/wants it.

Additional Info: