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Member: dana1318
Member Since: 5/17/2007
City: Canada


My Goal:
To finally lose those last 15 pounds of chub and maintain that weight loss for the rest of my life.

Current BMR: 1400

12/31 - 130.0
01/07 - 129.6
01/14 - 133.6
01/21 - 132.5
01/28 -
02/04 -
02/11 -
02/18 -
02/25 - 120 GOAL
03/04 -
03/11 -
03/18 -
03/25 -
04/01 -
04/08 -
04/15 -
04/22 -
04/29 - 115 GOAL

About me:
I'm 30 years old and recently engaged - we're getting married on September 16th, 2017, so that's a huge motivator to eat right and exercise! I'm a full-time educational assistant and part-time student, working towards a Master's in school psychology.

Diets I like:
Eating healthy, nutritious food while aiming for between 1200 and 1700 calories per day.

Workout of choice:
I can most often be found working out at home - I have quite the collection of Jillian Michaels, Bob Harper, and Jackie Warner DVDs, and I'm pretty sure I own the entire Biggest Loser series to-date. I'm also a huge Tony Horton fan, so I'll pop in a P90X DVD every once in a while. I also go to a yoga class once a week, and I'll give any kind of class a try at least once - spinning, kickboxing, TRX, rock climbing, you get the idea. If I find myself at the gym, I'll get in some time on the treadmill running interval sprints to improve my cardio endurance using Prevention's 2-Week Turnaround as a guide (, or I'll run a 5K aiming for a 25 - 30 minute finish. I also like to make use of the dry sauna at my gym to sweat it out, not that this really counts as a workout...

My plan:
To get in at least 30 minutes of high intensity exercise daily - ideally with some supplementary cardio, in a perfect world - while also counting calories, aiming for my BMR.

I need the most help with:
Emotional binge eating and a crippling sugar addiction! I tend to turn to high-fat, sugary foods when I'm stressed, tired, or anxious.

Additional Info:
I've been on and off PT over the last 8 years, and while I know that I have more success when I'm logging, it's become increasingly difficult to find a group that sticks and clicks.