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Member: cheryla
Member Since: 7/26/2007
City: Philly

I am going to move here! Needs work inside.

My Goal:
1. Eat at meals until I am 3/4 full
2. Eat mostly plants (including reasonable amounts of whole grains, red wine, & dark chocolate!)
3. Only eat half of any meal that is "dinner" (go to bed empty)
4. Fully enjoy three bites of anything that is a treat
5. Lift weights

Abbreviations: WW-whole wheat HM-homemade LO-left over dd-dear daughter (dh-dear husband, and so on)

About me:
The typical story as many here, 59 years. Recently found a notebook that I had in college (1972) that I used to record what I ate in order to try to lose 10 pounds. Have I honestly been dieting for 40 years? That's ridiculous. Well I didn't diet when I was pregnant, twice-- two girls-- permanent 10 pound gain each time. Like I said, pretty typical.

Diets I like:

None, so I work on food choices, portion size, and activity. I logged for a LONG time & learned what works for now. Bramacharya - Moderation

Workout of choice:
Yoga & aerobics classes, a little walking & bike riding. But mostly yoga.

My plan:
To remind myself how far I've come: Highest weight ever (in 2004)- about 171 Starting date in Fit Day log (9/4/07) 161 Lowest weight recorded (3/5/08, 6/29/08 & 9/24/09) 142 Currently around 161-163 Reasonable goal 135 -- I'm 5'6" & that was my college weight Super reach goal for optimum health 125

I need the most help with:

Additional Info: