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My Goal:
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To fit into my size 8 clothes comfortably. Fitting into my size 6 clothes would be heavenly, but first things first. To be honest, I haven't kept very many of either of those sizes (more 8s than 6s), but I have a few. And hey -- I could go shopping!

About me:
I'm 47, WOH full time as a youth services librarian, have two great daughters, and have been married to a deputy sheriff since 1995.

Diets I like:
I've never met a diet I liked. Diets usually make me obsessive and unhappy. I've never actually stuck to a diet for longer than two weeks. I'm currently trying to use the hunger scale to eat when hungry and stop before I'm "full", though to be totally honest, I joined Weight Watchers in December 2011 and I kind of like it so far. I don't like fake food and try to avoid aritifical sweetener because it gives me headaches. I'm trying to move toward a vegan diet. I don't eat meat or eggs much anymore, use unsweetened almond milk when I need milk, and have cut out yogurt, most cheese, but giving up things made with dairy (like cookies! cake! ice cream! cheesecake!) is proving to be my undoing.

Workout of choice:
I exercise daily. I usually bike, ride a stationary bike, or use an elliptical, as well as trying to get at least 10,000 steps on my pedometer.

My plan:
Exercise a healthy amount and eat mindfully when hungry. I want to eat mostly REAL food, not 100-calorie packages of empty carbs, but I don't want to get in the mindset that I can never again have an ice cream cone. I'm trying to stay within my WW points, but not wig out if I go over. Since life is one long 80+ years of a calorie continuum, "giving up" and deciding to eat everything in the house after a "slip" is rather pointless and frankly, stupid. My life goal is to stop that ridiculous behavior forever. My hunger scale: 10: OMG, I ate way too much, I think I might puke and then take a nap/Bloated and very uncomfortable 9: I ate too much/Very Full and a bit uncomfortable 8: I think I ate a few more bites than I needed/Full 7: I am content, I feel comfortably full; easily distracted from the food/The first sensation of food in my stomach; sometimes a second sigh 6: I think I am still hungry/Not quite satisfied…but almost; sometimes a sigh 5: I am thinking of something other than food/Neutral 4: mmmm…food, what do I want to eat/A sense of emptiness but still OK 3: I am hungry and ready to eat/Empty 2: I am pretty hungry/Starting to growl 1: I am starving, my only thought process is food/Growling non stop, I may feel a bit shaky and probably irritable 0: I would eat anything offered to me…anything/ravenous, primal hunger

I need the most help with:
Not eating sweets twice a day! Eating when I'm hungry and not waiting until I'm ravenous.

Additional Info: