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City: Miami

Ana Kayaking

My Goal:
Goal to get my weight to 135lb - exercise a minimum of 5 days a week
Elliptical Intervals & weight training

About me:
I am 59,still in the corporate trenches, married two grown children. I live in South Florida and live a very busy active life. I love the ocean and deep sea fishing. I also love to garden so I spend a lot of time outdoors.

Diets I like:
I hate to diet, I just try to eat clean but I can't seem to give up wine.

Workout of choice:
Weight training twice a week. Eliptical trainer for cardio three times a week.

My plan:
Keep track of the food I eat and report it. This way I won't eat the wrong things

I need the most help with:
I need to stay on track with working out. I never had an issue with this but have fallen into the couch potatoe syndrome

Additional Info: