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hey Vdarling your name proceeds you. I had to come and see you a bit. I have just read some of your logs. I too was near the 400 mark I an now 219. its been a long slow process but I wasnt near as active as you. your success is inspiring I will be watching your logs closer for tips. I just wanted to say keep going. Im proud of what you have accomplished and are still going. we all have good days and bad days but I know all of us can do this. its a lifetime chnage. thats what alot of people dont get I dont want to eat the wrong things all the time anymore. I want to be healthy. Im lucky I have a amazing husband thats been very supportive of My journey and has even joined Me cutting carbs and processed foods. anyway I would love to join in agroup or team with you what teams do you belong to. I post everyday and log My foods good or bad. I just love the motivation and inspiration I get from PT .
lynneta, 4/4/2007 6:04:28 AM
Hey Vdarling, I hope your back is better and you're doing well. Richelle
richelle, 3/16/2007 2:24:36 PM
Wow, just wanted to say i am really impressed by your millions of self challenges! you seem to be really doing very very well... keep it up!
virago24, 3/1/2007 11:21:13 PM
Hi Vdarling, I love the link to Sally Edwards' article. She's an amazing woman and my Kinesiology teacher's mentor. I love Sally's quote, "When's the last time you did something for the first time?" She joins all the Danskin triathlons each summer and is always the last person to finish the race, so no woman thinks of herself as the slowest. How cool is that?
So, have you decided if you're going to train for and enter in a sprint triathlon? I believe you can do it! You're so dedicated!
richelle, 2/26/2007 6:35:07 PM
Hi Vdarling, I'm so proud of all you've accomplished. You've come a long way, baby!, in such a short time. Keep up the good work!

Have you considered entering the Danskin triathlon? I don't know if there's one near where you live but you can look it up on their website. Just google "Danskin triathlon" and it'll take you right there. I signed up for it today and I AM SO EXCITED! The Seattle event is 8/19. I start training for it this weekend. I'll keep you posted... You've really inspired me, you know that?? Have a great weekend, Richelle
richelle, 2/23/2007 6:41:11 PM
Diet soda has some type of sugar even if it is artifical. Unless you're not counting artifical sweeters as sugar. Watch out for anything ending ose. It's some type of sugar.
windream, 2/20/2007 11:37:45 AM
Yes, of course it does. I never drink soda with sugar, and rarely even drink diet soda. See food logs, where I always post that it's diet.
vdarling, 2/18/2007 5:18:30 PM
does your 49 days without sugar include your soda??? if so....honesty is the best policy with yourself....scales won't lie
windream, 2/18/2007 8:09:18 AM
Vdarling, Don't give up! I'm sure all things will be back to normal in a day or two and you'll get back on track. You have all these wonderful visual reminders of how very far you've come. Believe, believe, believe! I'm looking forward to reading your log tomorrow. I hope tonight gets better for you and you get a good night's rest.
richelle, 2/13/2007 9:44:47 PM your last post. About your dreams. My mom is a dream interpreter. Nothing new agey or cheesy. she uses Freud and Jung's phychology. I'm going to give your her e-mail. she would help you -no charge. She just does it for fun right now,and loves a challenge. She teaches it at local adult ed. schools too.
It's just put in the subject line "dreams" so she wont think it's spam.
If anyone else sees this post, you can e-mail her too!! Her name is Bonnie.
soleil, 2/13/2007 11:18:52 AM
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