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Friday, December 15 
wendymc's daily log

 Last posted Mon. Jun 30, 5:19pm

Goals/Personal Weekly Challenge
Stop sugar
Stay hydrated; drink plenty of water
Increase vegetable intake
Eat enough protein
Take supplements/vitamins
Increase exercise (Chalene Extreme, cardio hula)

I am a certified nutritional therapist, by hobby. In hopes to make it my career change one day. I want to be more fit and healthy and I want to eat better. I want to feel good about myself. I find it very difficult to stay motivated with certain activities. I appreciate life and I want to take care of my body, mind and soul - inside and out while I have the energy, the health and the will to.

My goal is to lose 30 pounds.


My diet is "Paleo'ish". With it being almost summer, I found that it's a lot easier integrate the raw lifestyle. Therefore, I am eating Paleo'ish with an emphasis on integrating the raw lifestyle. also believe in eating with the seasons and supporting local farmers.

I don't like to pigeon hole myself into a specific label. I do what works best for me. I am flexible when it comes to eating. But the main thing I focus on is eating gluten free, GMO free, no processed foods, MSG, high fructose syrup (I try and limit my sugar/desserts to special occasions), no hydrogenated oils/fats and nitrates and preservatives. I do allow myself a little dairy now and then but it's from pasture raised cows, organic and raw if possible - if not, non-homogenized. I do allow myself some dessert on special occasions. I like to eat whole foods and eat as close to natural as possible and eat protein when I need to. This works for me. It may not work for you. I am completely non-judgemental to the views and lifestyles that you choose. I realize that there is not one plan that works for all body types.

I will start the Chalean Extreme and cardio hula videos soon.

I want to be a good rolemodel for my daughter. I want her to eat well and appreciate good food. I want her to be optimally healthy. I want her to grow up on wholesome food unlike myself; I grew up on sugar and processed foods.

I am also trying to get into running. June 2012, I was training for a "from couch to 5K run" and I injured my back. I just received clearance from chiropractor to try running. Would like to run a 5 K by Fall 2014.

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Posted By: redmaiden
11/14/2007 7:37:47 AM

Hey Wendy!! I am back on PT. Let me know if you get a opening in one of your groups. Take care!! :)
Posted By: redmaiden
5/15/2007 12:43:34 PM