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Friday, September 6 
tweaknee's daily log

 Last posted Sun. Dec 17, 12:41pm


My Weight Chart:
Weight Chart

Need to lose 10 lbs that I put on over the past rough year and a half. Lots of stress and now I'm in a job I don't really like, seeking to change but at least I have health insurance. I'm in 5'3" close to goal gals, Rockin Bod, Over Fifty, Christian 50+ glas, & was in Christian Women Unite! Recently joined Progress not Perfection, the most accountable and active team I've seen.

One goal is to increase raw foods to 80% of diet, currently it's probably closer to 60. Also do some kind of exercise every day, even if it's just a walk.

Progress not Perfection group:
Core Rules for Week 1 (ending July 20):
No processed sugar
No gluten
At least walk daily
Workout routine 2x

Core Rules for Week 2 (ending July 27):
Above plus
No snacking after dinner
Workout routine 3x

Core Rules Week 3 (ending Aug 3)
I didn't meet any of the above, so ...
No snacking after dinner
Workout routine 3x
Walk or bike every day

Core Rule Week 4 (ending Aug 10)
No eating while preparing

Core Rule Week 5 (ending Aug 17)
Exercise: walk or bike 5x a week

Core Rule Week 6 (ending Aug 24)
Go to bed by 10pm on work nights

Core Rule Week 7 (ending Aug 30)
Finish eating by 7pm

Core Rule Week 8 (ending Sept. 6)
CR 1: Do not eat while preparing food
CR 2: Do not eat after 7pm
CR 3: Use portion control with protein items. Even though cheat system says unlimited garbanzos, these pack the weight on me.
CR 4: Use cheat system for fruit.
CR 5: Take a breath or two in between swallows; put down fork.

my notes
Pouring down rain; rode my indoor bike. Soaking sweat!
Heading out of town for a river weekend in Canada. Won't be logging.

15 min. (9 mile) Lifecycle, level 4

Smoothie w/ pea protein powder, peas, blueberries, banana, unsweetened coconut milk

Remains of yesterday's salad
Salad w/ 1 Tbsp Annie's (35), veggies, blueberries, hummus

bite of chocolate/coconut dessert
Werthers candies
7 chocolate multigrain crackers (53)
1/4 cantaloupe
decaf coffee w/ coconut milk


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