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Monday, January 7 
sushan's daily log

 Last posted Wed. Apr 10, 11:09am

Eating goal: Lots of immunity-boosting foods. No late eating. No going to bed full.

Goal weight - 51-53 kg

Fitness Goal: Chongqing Marathon, March 17th 2013

September 2009 - 76 kg (starting tip of day)
June 01 2010 - 65 kg, starting daily logging and adding one gym session/week
September 27 2010 - 60 kg, began running october 1
October 24 2010 58 kg
Dec 1 2010 back up to 58 kg
Feb 21 2011 - 54 kg, or 119 lbs. I'll take it!
July 18 2011 53 kg hey, hit goal range!
Dec 24 2012 58
Jan 5 56.5

My Feet Hurt From Kicking So Much Ass (aka: MFHFKSMA) challenge DAILY GOALS!

1. Half an hour of heart-pumping exercise, at least.
2.Three big servings of fruit and veg every day, at least one of green stuff
3. No to sweet drinks and sweet processed snack food (quality chocolate ok)
4. No more than 200 cal consumed after 7 pm, except on work nights

my notes
OK, my starting weight for the MM&M challenge is 57 kg. My goals have been posted.

I also got a bit of a surprise in that my magazine will do an extra holiday issue this year, so I have four food articles to submit....going to be pizza, high end French, Cantonese..the kind of research that can really set me back. Have to be smart about how I go about this.. doing the pizza place Wed night but there will be others there, so I can take small tastes of everything and concentrate on getting good photos.

veg servings....check!
no sweet drinks or bad candy.....check!
limit cal after 7.....check!

Had to make a good day 1, hope it keeps up!

Got up and did Ripped to make my 30 min of exercise habit. Yes!

Also walked, about 2 miles?

Granola, yogurt

Cabbage, beans and pasta

Few Hershey kisses

egg and veg soup, cabbage, beans and pasta.

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