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Saturday, March 23 
creative1's daily log

 Last posted Mon. Jul 21, 1:08pm

Right now... somewhere... someone is doing what it takes to get what they want... and what YOU want.
Are YOU willing to do what it takes to get what YOU want?!?!

Reach and maintain my ideal weight

February 2013 Started TLS Weightloss Solution
Goal is to lose 20 pounds in 12 weeks

Feb 18: 151.6 (Started detox week)
Feb 25: 147.2 (down 4.4 after detox)

Find Your Fit Challenge March 1 - May 24
(First prize $15,000 !)
Mar 1: 146.8 (Hips 40, Belly 34)
Mar 8: 147.8
Mar 15: 148.0 (Hips 39, Belly 32.5) (my coach had to talk me down from the ledge here, but I am staying the course and trusting the process! Inches are more important than pounds)
Mar 22: 146.2 (Hips 38.5, Belly 31.5)
Mar 29:
Apr 5:
Apr 12:
Apr 19:
Apr 26:
May 3:
May 10:
May 17:
May 24:

my notes
Yay got outside for a run today :-)

Spent too much time last night and today doing retail therapy, but at least I also got in my grocery shopping (2 stores) so tomorrow I am not going anywhere. Have to prep all of my food for the week and get some cleaning done around here!
And tomorrow I will get in that upper body workout that killed me on Tuesday. Think I will try lighter weights this time!






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