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Wednesday, December 12 
apbwife's daily log

 Last posted Tue. Jan 15, 3:50pm

LilySlim Weight loss tickers

To fit into my size 8 clothes comfortably. Fitting into my size 6 clothes would be heavenly, but first things first. To be honest, I haven't kept very many of either of those sizes (more 8s than 6s), but I have a few. And hey -- I could go shopping!

my notes

stationary bike 30 min, weight training 15 min -- managed to pull a muscle on my inner thigh...sigh......

2 pc ww toast w/pb&j, banana, Silk vanilla creamer

broccoli, cauliflower, beans, apple

sweet potato


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Posted By: lorj8
12/27/2012 6:32:41 PM

Love your hunger scale! I may have to use that in my weight loss efforts! Thanks for the inspiration!
Posted By: JANCAT
1/30/2012 4:40:59 PM