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So sorry about your breakup! I've seen your post in the past. It's good that you have a plan for your eating.
JANCAT, 1/30/2012 4:58:15 PM
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mandyyang, 8/27/2011 9:53:03 PM
Awesome Michelle, you have some great plans for today. Let us know how the marathon turns out!
bstronger, 2/3/2011 3:10:18 PM
Thanks Kim. Sorry I didn't write earlier! My goodness - I hardly ever check my blog that everybody can see. I know you're busy with moving and all that, so I don't expect you to write back for a while, but do you know what the team is called (MM&M)?
michelle, 9/7/2010 12:55:52 PM
hey gorgeous - you can do and be anything you want to be! you can be sporty... baby steps! wanna run with the girls? come join us at MM&M. Start slow... maybe the couch to 5K program? all levels welcome at MM&M, you don't have to run marathons... yet! ha! :D just teasing ;) come on over beautiful... the water is warm! oxo
kim_, 5/7/2010 11:21:07 AM
hey sweetie.. I wasnt on the show.. dothezonk was... I still haven't seen the show, but everyone said she looked great.. how you doing? big hugzzzz
lynneta, 2/19/2010 1:41:17 AM
Hi...I had my wisdom teeth pulled 11 days ago and so far the pain hasn't been very bad. I was scared of the laughing gas so didn't get that. Good Luck and hope all goes well.
maggiemom, 12/15/2009 1:33:35 PM
Oh, the HTML text didn't come up...shoot...

I went to a website called , and you can get backgrounds there....they even have the HTML code for you.
michelle, 7/23/2009 9:58:23 PM
Sorry Jess - I didn't realize people were leaving comments on my blog....I copied & pasted the following:

michelle, 7/23/2009 9:57:37 PM
Congrats with your weight loss... had a quick question... how do you get the background on your profile??
jessblaze, 5/7/2009 10:01:25 AM
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