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blueseo, 12/16/2016 4:54:58 AM
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sarkarin, 5/5/2016 8:24:35 AM
I found it!! Hope to hear from you soon. I didn't realize you can converse outside of a group!! I am so dumb at computers at times.
alice10, 10/1/2008 4:40:45 PM
Where did I find your logs from last year? How funny, thank you for the birthday wish a year ago!! It is time for another one. 57, wow! Too close to 60 wouldn't you say? I hope you get this and e-mail me!!
alice10, 10/1/2008 10:02:13 AM
I don't know how I came up with your comments, one is from October 2007. I hope I can converse with you. I tried your e-mail address after you were gone and it didn't go either. My e-mail address is or work is would love to hear from you. I miss you.
alice10, 10/1/2008 9:59:39 AM
Hi there my friend, you and I are one pound apart. I got my act together after all the cancer scare and now the old and improved gg is back. Hope things are going well for you. Thinking of you and wishing you well. ;o) gg
glassgirl, 3/7/2008 12:55:38 PM
Hello my friend, even tho we are not in a group together I still wanted to wish
you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Miss you and hope all is well. luv gg
glassgirl, 10/12/2007 3:11:49 PM
Hey friend you and I both left that group and now I see you are in a different group. Sorry I needed to leave but my depression was hard to deal with and it wasn't fair to you not to talk to you about it. I wanted to email you but can't seem to find your email info. Would love to keep in touch. Miss you and hope you can forgive me. luv gg
glassgirl, 10/11/2007 2:24:21 PM