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Monday, August 6 
wombat81's daily log

 Last posted Fri. Sep 5, 6:21pm

July 17, 2012 ...been getting into spin class, and now I am hooked. this is the 4th week for me; started Aqua classes this past weekend...water this the diversity, and the way the instructor pushes us to do more....muscles are getting stronger!

March 9, 2012 - Now must Get the Exercise Down

Binge eating is gone, thanks to PoNR and the Hypnosis CD's by Dr. Roberta Temes. Good weight loss pattern of 1# per week. beef up my exercise.... I have not done a cleanse although I eat a lot of greens and that may be a cleanse all by itself...

No more dairy and no Sugar Addiction.
Gluten-Free since Dec. 28 2011
....Best thing ever! - feel soOO-ooo much better & have more energy!

Feb 10, 2012

Got a new scale yesterday as my other one has been broken for a long shocked at my weight! 194.5. My old broken scale said 200 last night (after I ate, of course!) - - This morning – before eating it was at 193!
I have been trying to get below 200 for so long. This makes me very happy! Finally the light at the end of the tunnel!

I am eating less than I used to...

Eating goal "SSS" - eat only at mealtimes, sitting down, at the table, off a plate (sit - slow - savor) Learned this from my PT Friend – and it is working!

I promise to:
* Eat at least one large salad every day
* Eat generous amounts of cooked green vegetables, mushrooms, and onions
*Eat beans every day
*Avoid white Flour
*Avoid Sugars and artificial sweeteners
*Use oils sparingly

my notes

5am- spin clas

green smoothie
juice plus shake

1/2 can Bush's Butter beans
Romaine salad with roasted red peppers, steamed asparagus, sunflower seeds 1/2 avocado, and 2 tbsp. Pace Picante sauce.


planning steamed salmon & sweet potato

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