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Sunday, May 13 
tweaknee's daily log

 Last posted Thu. Dec 14, 4:27pm

My body is falling apart. I can't exercise without some kind of pain. I crave sugar constantly no matter how much I deluge myself with vegetables. To stay in my groups without getting booted... I"m in 5'3" close to goal gals, Rockin Bod, & was in Christian Women Unite!

my notes


green tea
8 oz fresh carrot juice
1 1/2 cups oatmeal with Vita Coco water

bowl of vegetable soup (home made)

juice made from pineapple, arugula, kale, ginger, cabbage, red leaf and green leaf lettuce. I don't recommend this combination.
pineapple (fresh)
zevia ginger ale
shot of fireball

bowl of vegetable soup (home made) - Gerson recipe

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