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Friday, December 28 
the healthy road

 Last posted Mon. Sep 11, 4:31pm

Continuing the next chapter of my life, Fit.
Time to live the healthy lifestyle that resulted in my first weight loss on Peetrainter.

my notes
I'm baaaaaaack! Hubby and I moved from Tracy, CA to Virginia Beach, VA with little to minor setbacks in our travels took a full week and we're currently staying with his friends, living out of our suit cases.
I gained some weight, but have been back at the gym working it off. Yay! Lots of reflux lately so I'll be monitoring what I eat. Gonna start off the New Years Resolution before Jan 1st!

lower body weights and some cardio

english muffin 2pts
peanut butter 2pts
chobani yogurt 3pts



bean and rice burritos
with a veggie side

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