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Tuesday, August 15 
sarah1234's daily log

 Last posted Tue. Aug 15, 9:33am

I want to stay under 150, and preferably under 140. I'm still chipping away at my 50 state running project. Now the travel is getting to be the most challenging part.

Cancer has put a temporary detour into my roadmap, but once I'm out of this mess, I'll be back to my 50-state running project. I'm thinking about a marathon in Hawaii in January 2018.

Running Events Done:
38 5ks in 21 states
25 10ks in 20 states
33 half marathons in 26 states
28 marathons in 28 states
(17 State "Bingos")

my notes
Not back to my routine yet... Hang in there, I'm still here!






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